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The Caucasus: Women’s Information Center

Women’s Information Center
Address: 40, Tsinamdzgvrishvili str.
0102 Tbilisi, Georgia
Phone: +995 32 952934
Fax: +99532 942699
Mobile: + 995 99561733
Web site:
Contact Person: Helen Rusetskaya

In year 2000young women working in Georgian National Committee of Helsinki Citizen’s Assembly created spearhead focused at gender issues, women empowerment and women’s’ rights protection. Basing on experience of its members in other fields of public activism group directed its work namely on gender and related issues. First steps have been done by collecting information about organizations working in the field, as members of initiative group were aware about lack of information services for women’s movement and inadequate development of ICT as tool of women empowerment in Georgia. However in course of work initiative group found out that there is even less information available then they presumed. This fact served as motivation for the creation of separate organization Women’s Information Center with specific mission, objectives and tasks, first of all to increase capacity of women’s movement in Georgia and all over South Caucasus in the field of ICT use and promote image of women’s movement among public at large.

In 2000 Women’s Informational Center became co-founder of Georgian Women’s NGO’s Coalition founded with support of OSCE/ODIHR and entered membership in international organization “Women Against Violence Europe” (WAVE). In year 2002 still acting as spearhead under aegis of HCA GNC our organization issued first handbook of women’s organizations working in South Caucasus.

In March 2003 WIC was officially registered as legal entity.

Nowadays organization implemented several important projects and carries out ongoing projects (please check with the list below), being member of several national and international networks and enjoying strong partnership with CSOs all over Europe.
WIC consists of Board of Directors and staff, including coordinator, information manager, editor of the Gender Information Portal, Youth and cultural programs coordinator, Women empowerment programs coordinator, Peacemaking programs coordinator, Publishing house coordinator, art designer, web-designer and financial manager.

Team of international advisers supports WIC.

There is publishing house and design agency attached to WIC being first entities of such profile in Georgia organized and run by women and serving for women's organizations and CSO community.

to assist by means of ICT introduction and development to the advancement of the social, political and economic status of women for democratization of society in Georgia and all over the South Caucasus, promoting women empowerment and participation of women in decision-making at the local, regional and international level.

Domains of Organizational Activity
1. Informational services – providing with contact information about organizations, working on gender issues and women’s rights all over South Caucasus, supplying women about other service organizations according to their needs in Georgia.
2. Consultative services - consulting women and regional women’s initiative groups on the issue of creation and development of women’s organizations.
3. Library services - presents necessary information and literature for academic studies, public education and general information spreading.
4. Publishing services - organization presents publishing and polygraphic services.
5. Educational Programs:
• Gender issues and conflict resolution
• Authorized education
• Local government and self government
• Resolution 1325 of UN Security council
• Presentation
• Facilitation and moderation
• Organizational development
• Development of enterprise


Projects Year 2005

“Development of the Information Platform for promotion of Women’s organizations in the South Caucasus” (80% are conducted)
Objective of the project: Development of democratic process in the South Caucasus by means of assistance and popularization of women’s organizations activities and facilitation of transparency building in the women’s organizations midst.

Mama Cash
“Information ground for the success of women’s organizations “
Aim of the project:
• Assistance to integration of women’s organizations working on women’s rights and gender issues in the South Caucasus.
• Popularization of activities implemented by women’s organizations from the South Caucasus, and their informational assistance on national, regional and global level.

“Unity of Women SPEAKS for Peace”
Given project aims to create an informational strategy and space for the Network “Unity of Women for Peace”, popularizing the Network on national as well as international levels and providing its members and public at large with comprehensive information in relation to women’s peace-building initiatives.

ended projects:

European Youth Foundation - South Caucasus Youth Network in the process of European integration and formation of youth policy (ended in July)
OSI women’s program - Integration of women’s organization’s of South Caucasus (ended in August)

Projects Year 2004

Global Fund for Women - «Establishment and development of a publishing house at Women’s Information Center» (Organizational development of Women’s informational Center)
OSCE/ODIHR, OSI women’s program - Integration of women’s organization’s of South Caucasus
Mama Cash fund, IKV (Inter Church Peace Council) the Netherlands - "No more violence"-photographers sight on women of the world
UNIFEM - Bulletin of regional coalition Women for Peace “Women’s Appeal for Peace”

Projects Year 2003

European Youth Foundation, East East Program -Joint project with Helsinki Citizens’ Assembly Georgian National Committee- Regional project- summer school “The South Caucasus Youth for Peace and Stability”–
UNIFEM - Regional project "Women’s appeal for Peace"

Projects Year 2002-2004

OSCE/ODIHR - Regional project-Publishing of the catalogue “Organizations working on women’s problems in the South Caucasus”- Year 2003 projects included
European Youth Foundation, East East Program - Regional project- summer school “The South Caucasus Youth for Peace and Stability” – joint project with Helsinki Citizens’ Assembly Georgian National Committee-
UNIFEM Regional project-"Women’s appeal for Peace"

Projects Years 2002-2003
UNIFEM, Eurasia - “Women Peacemaking Council“, joint project with 9 NGOs.- Regional project- Second publication of the Regional South-Caucasian International Youth Magazine “The Collage“
Projects Year 2000
UNV - The initiative group of young women with the support of hCa GNC carried out the project “No More Violence”

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