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CEE: Women’s Perspectives

The West Ukrainian Center “Women’s Perspectives”
Address: 36 Chervonoj Kalyny blvd
Lviv, 79070, Ukraine
Phone/Fax: + 380 32 295 50 60
Web site:
Contact Person: Halyna Fedkovych

The West Ukrainian Center “Women’s Perspectives” is a regional women’s NGO that during its eighth years of existence has become one of the leading third sector organizations in Lviv and the Western Ukraine.

The West Ukrainian Center Women’s Perspectives was founded in November 1997 by professional women in such fields as, law, business and psychology, having experience in the women’s organizations, with special interests devoted to such problems as legal protection of women, gender equality, human rights education, development of business by women, and women’s leadership.
As a non – governmental organization the Centre was registered at the Lviv Department of Justice 6th of April 1998.

The organization’s aims: legal, social and psychological adaptation of women in modern circumstances, human rights protection and education, promotion of gender equality in society and to call community’s attention to existing problems and to join efforts in order to solve them.

June 2005 – present Women’s Informational Centre for regional NGO
Jan. 2005 – present Centre of Mediation in Criminal Justice for juveniles
Nov. 2004 - present Elimination of Gender and Age Discrimination in the Labor Market in Ukraine: Education and Action Program
Sep. 2004 – present National Monitor Stop Violence against Women (
June 2004 – present Individual Support and Assistance to Victims of Trafficking
Dec. 1998 - March 2004 USAID Trafficking Prevention Program - “Women for Women Centre”
March 2001- Jan. 2004 Community Response to Domestic Violence and Human Trafficking
Oct. 2003 – June 2004 Project “Emotional and Psychological Support to Women”
Jan. 2002 – present Shelter for victims of domestic violence and trafficking “OAZA”
Aug. 2002- Dec. 2003 Project “Partner Assistance to Unemployed Women of Lviv Region”
Jan. – Aug. 2003 Project “Understanding Concept of Gender among Women
and Women”s Awareness in Social Services Offered In Lviv”
Sep. 2001–Feb. 2003 Legal education and pro bono legal counselling Program for women
from rural areas of Lviv region
Jan. 2000 - July 2002 Legal Counselling and Education Program for Women
June 2000: Project BELLS: Sculpture exhibitions “Women against violence”,
together with group of female sculptors
Jan. 2000 – present Assistance for NGO Program
April – Sep. 1998 Women’s Entrepreneurship Summer School Project
1999 - 2002 the West Ukrainian Center “Women’s Perspectives” was a member of the Partnership for Employment project in Lviv.

Feb. – Aug. 2005 Research on Gender and Age Discrimination in the Labour market in Ukraine
April 2003 Assistance in Human Rights Watch research “Women’s Work: Discrimination
against Women in the Ukrainian Labor Force”
June 2002 – present Research on Reasons, Conditions and Afteraffects of Ukrainian Women Work
Abroad (on example of Italy)
June – August 2002 Research on features of women’s entrepreneurship in Ukraine”
March – July 2002 Independent report on economic, social and cultural rights of women in Ukraine
for UN Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights
February – June 2002 Research for the World Health Organization – Legal Review on Criminalization of
Sexual Violence in Eastern Europe
June - August 2001 Research “Three months of woman’s life” (research on types of violence that women
face, level of awareness on their rights and ways of protection among women)

Name of the person who will be responsible in the organization for contacts with NEWW
Halyna Fedkovych

Description of previous cooperation of the organization with NEWW/NEWW-Polska.

Organization cooperates with NEWW/NEWW-Polska since 1999. Halyna Fedkovych, cofounder and senior lawyer of the organization, participated in the NEWW Legal Fellowship Program in 1999. The first annual Legal Fellow Alumni Meeting took place in Lviv, in the office of the West Ukrainian Center “Women’s Perspectives”, in February 2001. Since 2002 organization actively participated in NEWW-Polska Gender and Economic Justice in European Accession and Integration Project and Gender Budget Initiatives (GBI)Project.

Halyna Fedkovych and economist Iryna Trokhym participated in 2003 NEWW-Polska and NEWW Gender Policy Conference “Women and Economy”.

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