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   biul_gdansk Newsletter No. 191  [2008-05-16 09:33:58]
Call for an Action: Lithuania
NEWWYet things seem to be getting out of control. Not only they consider an abortion ban, they already have prepared the whole new strategy for the public family policy conception. The new policy is aimed at saving traditional family with a bunch of traditional values.

"Economistmom" Wakes Up to Fiscal Reality
NEWWThe day after our au pair had been committed to a psychiatric facility, I walked into my staff director's office and told him I had to leave Capitol Hill. The two months of living with a person falling into mental illness had served as an exhausting yet startling wake-up call that forced my family to re-evaluate both our child care needs and our budget.

European Union Policies and Migratory Pressures
NEWWInstead of relying on the border police, the EU should assess the effects of its own policies on the poor, migrant-sending countries. Unless the policies that perpetuate the conditions for poverty and injustice are changed, the reasons for migration will remain.

The Paris Declaration: Women's Rights Concerns
NEWWA summary of the analysis presented in "Implementing the Paris Declaration: Implications for the Promotion of Women's Rights and Gender Equality," a paper developed by AWID and WIDE, and commissioned by the Canadian Council on International Cooperation.

More Progress is Needed in Macro-Economic Policy
NEWWIt is key to strengthen the role of the UN Committee on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) and other UN bodies, although the UNCTAD held in Accra, Ghana, from 20 to 25 April has not produced much news.

US Manoeuvre to Carve up Bolivia with Autonomy Vote
NEWWThe illegal referendum held on Sunday to declare autonomy in Santa Cruz, Bolivia's richest province, is backed by the Bush administration in an attempt to halt the leftward drift of South America.

UNDP Courses on Gender in Uzbekistan
NEWWA group of specialists of Uzbekistan got acquainted with methodologies on scientific and social research on gender issues at UNDP-backed three-month distance course.

The Permanent Violence of Capitalism
NEWW2008 URPE Summer Conference, Poverty & Unemployment: The Permanent Violence of Capitalism, August 15-18, 2008, Camp Deer Run, Pine Bush, NY

Resisting and Challenging Religious Fundamentalisms
NEWWAre you confronting religious fundamentalisms or regressive political-religious movements in your daily life and work? Are you witnessing important links between different types of fundamentalisms (economic, national, social, cultural and religious) and seeing similarities in how these work across religions and regions? Have you or your organization been involved in actions to resist and challenge religious fundamentalisms that you would like to share more widely with women's rights advocates from around the world?

Gender Mainstreaming: from Concept to Action
NEWWWe kindly invite you to apply for the position of an expert/lecturer on gender budgeting (GB) in the project "Gender Mainstreaming: from Concept to Action", which is implemented by the Office of Equal Opportunities Ombudsperson of the Republic of Lithuania and its project partner non-governmental institution Center for Equality Advancement.

Gender Responsive Budgeting in Albania
NEWWVacancy announcement - International expert/ consultants Terms of Reference - Support development of Trainers on Gender Responsive Budgeting in Albania.

Social Policy to Poland and Hungary
NEWWBeate Sissenich's book studies the attempts by the European Union (EU) to transfer its social policy model to Poland and Hungary in conjunction with their accession. She examines three core questions. First, Sissenich investigates how successful the EU has been at transferring its social policy model to Poland and Hungary.

Integration of Female Migrant Domestic Workers
NEWWThe Mediterranean Institute of Gender Studies [MIGS] is pleased to make available the Resource Book entitled Integration of Female Migrant Domestic Workers: Strategies for Employment and Civic Participation. The resource book is a result of the transnational project Integration of Female Migrant Domestic Workers: Strategies for Employment and Civic Participation funded under the European Commission INTI Preparatory Actions 2005 Programme. The resource book incorporates the results of a mapping survey conducted by all partner organizations as well as best practice examples and integration models as well as policy recommendations and strategies on the national and EU levels.

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