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   biul_gdansk Newsletter No. 188  [2008-03-29 20:16:58]
Open Letter to Vladimir Spidla
NEWWASTRA Network sent a letter to Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities as a Follow up to Public Hearing organized by Parliamentary Committee on Women's Rights and Gender Equality.

Stop Violence Against Women
NEWWI call on you to make combating violence against women and girls a priority for European Union foreign policy and development assistance, especially in countries affected by conflict.

Financing for Gender Equality
NEWWEU Statement on the Agreed Conclusions: Financing for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women. 52nd session of CSW.

Initiative to Introduce Gender Quotas
NEWWIt is necessary to collect about 30 thousand signatures to amend the Organic Law "On Political Unions of Citizens," in order to balance number of women and men in pre-elections party lists. The initiative proposes introduction of a new norm: both genders should be presented in each two of candidates.

Tajikistan Moves to Curb Prostitution
NEWWThe police ministry wants to criminalize the sex industry, while experts insist the root cause is poverty. By IWPR staff in Dushanbe (RCA No. 535, 04-Mar-08) As the Tajik interior ministry announces tougher penalties for prostitution, analysts say the local sex industry is a product of poverty and social dislocation and will not be easy to eradicate.

Stop Sri Lankan House Maids Abroad
NEWWPresident Mahinda Rajapaksa directed the Foreign Employment Ministry to stop sending women as house maids to foreign countries from the end of this year. Instead, he wanted trained nurses and women trained in other skilled trades to be sent for foreign employment.

Globalisation and War
NEWWCorporate-led, finance-driven globalisation has successfully transferred wealth from labour to capital. This has resulted in inequality and exclusion on a massive scale which, combined with the pressure on water and other environmental resources, is likely to fuel new conflicts.

On Poverty Reduction, Economic Growth and...
NEWWIt is necessary to think of ending global poverty before we think of controlling global warming. This was the point of view put forward by Dhammika Perera, Chairman/Director General of the Board of Investments of Sri Lanka (BOI), when addressing a meeting convened by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on global warming in March 2008. He argued that industrialization is essential for development but inevitably leads to an increase in emissions.

Doha Round Negotiations
NEWWThe end of April 2008 will mark the seventh moment of truth for concluding the negotiations of the WTO Doha Round which have already been ongoing for seven years.

These People Can Help
NEWWTibetans have exploded onto the streets in frustration--call on China to respect human rights and enter dialogue with the Dalai Lama now: Sign the Petition!

Conference on Politics and Gender
NEWWThe ECPR Standing Group on Gender and Politics invites panel and paper proposals for the First European Conference on Politics and Gender (ECPG). The conference aims to bring together scholars engaged in cutting-edge research on a wide range of topics related to gender and politics. Scholars from member and non-member institutions of the ECPR are welcome to apply.

Feminist Political Economy
NEWWOnline now: students of an e-learning course at Muenster University produced interviews on "What is Feminist Political Economy?". They attend to be an introduction on Feminist Political Economy and by that a tool for mainstreaming gender in academic science.

Life of Women and Men in Europe
NEWWThis is a very interesting publication on gender statistics. It describes the situations of women and men at different stages of their lives. It begins by covering children, their education and initial training. Possible differences between women and men in the age at which they leave the family home and in their lifestyles are also shown.

Change is a Slow Dance
NEWWGender at Work promotes women's empowerment and gender equality through institutional change. We accomplish this by analyzing an organization's culture, policies and leadership, and by encouraging practical changes that have a direct, positive impact both on the organization and the communities it serves.

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