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   biul_gdansk Newsletter No. 185  [2008-02-06 10:21:43]
No to Corporate Europe - Yes to Global Justice
NEWWAs members of the Seattle to Brussels Network (S2B), we are calling for concerted efforts to roll back the strategy of the European Union called "Global Europe: Competing in the World", the EU's unfair bilateral trade agreements and corporate power.

Teen Pregnancy and Poverty
NEWWTeen Pregnancy and Poverty: 30-Year-Study Confirms That Living in Economically-Depressed Neighborhoods, Not Teen Motherhood, Perpetuates Poverty.

Comfort Women
NEWWThe European Parliament has adopted a resolution on survivors of Japan's military sexual slavery system (the so-called "comfort women" system), which urges the Government of Japan to acknowledge, apologize and compensate the victims.

ILO Convention Domestic Work
NEWWTo make steps forward to realise "Respect and Rights for Domestic Workers" we all have to do a lot in the coming period. Last November the ILO Governing Body had on their agenda the item to start the standard setting procedure for a convention on domestic work at the International Labour Conference of 2010.

Only One Woman in Cabinet
NEWWThe reshuffle sees seven Georgian cabinet newcomers, and extends to the General Prosecutor's Office, with Zurab Adeishvili being replaced as head by former Justice Minister Eka Tkeshelashvili.

Gender Policy in Georgia
NEWWMost recently CSO in Georgia working on gender issues and women's rights congratulate each other with formation of State interagency commission on realization of gender policy. Chairman of this state body was Kakha Bendukidze, the state minister of reforms coordination of Georgia.

A Million Signatures for Equality
NEWWIt is over one year since Iranian women's rights activists began a campaign to get at least one million people to sign a petition for the reform of discriminatory laws. Today, we review the campaign.

More Women Drive Cars
NEWWThe number of women who drive cars in Tajikistan is constantly increasing and according to statistics it already constitutes 30% of all drivers. It is not unusual to see a woman driving car in Europe but in Tajikistan it is an unusual phenomenon. In past it was considered that driving cars was a job of men and women were not that much interested in driving. Today the situation is different.

Women-Only Buses
NEWWGroping and verbal harassment is an exasperating reality for women using public transportation in this sprawling capital, where 22 million passengers cram onto subways and buses each day. Some men treat women so badly that the subway system has long had ladies-only cars during rush hour, with police segregating the sexes on the platforms.

Asian Rural Women's Conference
NEWWWe are pleased to invite your organization or a rural woman leader from one of your network partners to participate in the ASIAN RURAL WOMEN'S CONFERENCE hosted by the Tamil Nadu Women's Forum (TNWF), the Tamil Nadu Dalit Women's Forum (TNDWF) and the Society of Rural Development (SRED). It will be held from MARCH 6-8, 2008 in Arakkonam, Tamil Nadu, India with the theme: Rights, Empowerment and Liberation.

DIONE - Inspiring Women
NEWWThe DIONE Conference is fast approaching on Wednesday 13th February 2008. Delegate places are filling up quickly in response to the newly confirmed programme, an interesting and eclectic mix of national and internationally acclaimed speakers and networking opportunities. The whole Conference offers promising prospects to both learn and network with influential female entrepreneurs.

Job: Professor Specialized in Gender in Development
NEWWThe Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies Geneva, Switzerland invites applications for a full-time position at the rank of Professor/Associate Professor specialized in the Analysis of Gender in Development or International Studies. Starting on 1st September 2008 or a mutually agreed-upon date.

Job: Advocacy and Information Officer
NEWWWIDE is a European network of women's organisations, development NGOs, gender specialists and human rights activists. WIDE monitors and influences international economic and development policy and practice from a feminist perspective. WIDE's work is grounded on women's rights as the basis for the development of a more just and democratic world order. At other pages at this site one can read more about WIDE and it's activities.

Firearms and Domestic Violence
NEWWGuns and domestic violence is the topic of the latest report from the Southeast Europe Small Arms Clearinghouse (SEESAC). 'Firearms Possession and Domestic Violence in the Western Balkans: A Comparative Study of Legislation and Implementation Mechanisms' is available for download at:

Hidden Violence Against Women and Children
NEWW"This book is a comprehensive and groundbreaking demonstration that it is the misogyny inherent in most violence against females that constitutes the deafening silence, not the silence of the victims. Romito's brilliant analysis of the many mechanisms involved in hiding this truth is a must-read for anyone concerned about understanding and combating the monumental and devastating problem of male violence against women and children." Diana E.H. Russell

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