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   biul_gdansk Newsletter No. 183  [2008-01-15 15:45:06]
Polish Women Write to the European Parliament
NEWWPolish Women's Lobby sent a letter yesterday to Ms Anna Zaborska, President of the Women's Rights and Gender Equality Comittee of the European Parliament.

New Initiative to Further Restrict Abortion
NEWWThe Polish Ombudsman Janusz Kochanowski is considering filing the complaint to the Polish Constitutional Tribunal against the article of the anti-abortion law allowing for abortion on therapeutic grounds. He believes this article is not constitutional due to the lack of precision. His intention is to limit access to abortion if health problems are not serious enough.

Call to Boycott the ADB's Consultation
NEWWAt a time when numerous peoples' struggles are going on in South Asia against forced displacement, land alienation and environmental destruction, and to protect the culture and identity of indigenous peoples and the right to free and prior informed consent in all development projects, the Asian Development Bank (ADB) is conducting consultations on a deeply flawed draft of its "safeguard policy statement."

Women Ask for Compensation
NEWWThe Conference of Durban against racism and intolerance have been a meeting place for victims of slavery, colonization, apartheid, ethnic cleansing, the caste system and all kind of religious and political violence. And what about women? Sexism was only evoked in the context of the dual oppression it implies for them : a black woman, a muslim woman, a Dalit woman, a Rom woman... But women as victims of a specific kind of oppression, the Patriarchy, out of the question !

Kyrgyzstan: Democracy Activists Arrested
NEWWWomen's Learning Partnership (WLP) strongly condemns the arrest of our colleague, Tolekan Ismailova, director of our Kyrgyzstan partner organization, Human Rights Center/Citizens Against Corruption and 20 young activists and civil society leaders. They were arrested outside the parliament on December 18th while peacefully protesting irregularities of the December 16th parliamentary elections.

Can China Forbid the Color Orange?
NEWWHelp us making a global manifestation about the human rights in China, and support our appeal. If this is going to succeed it will take many people using their own mailing list and networks to send this letter further, only in that way can we create a wave in the global communication and bring project out to all corners of the world.

UN Special Raporteur on the Right to Health
NEWWMr. Paul Hunt puts maternal mortality on the agenda. In his new report, Paul Hunt calls for greater recognition of the burning problem that is maternal mortality. Every year, there are about 500,000 women dying from delivery complications. Pregnancy remains the major killer for girls aged 15 -19 worldwide.

Investing in Women is Smart Economics
NEWWSkyrocketing health care costs and slow economic growth in developing countries could be combated by government investments in family planning, antenatal care for mothers-to-be and skilled care at delivery, according to reports prepared for an upcoming conference here.

Give Small Change for Big Changes
NEWWImagine a Europe where every girl grows up knowing she can decide if, when and how she has a family. Imagine that in her Europe, where hundreds of nations and peoples are represented, being different makes a difference. And that economics means social justice, and peace means working together for a sustainable future.

Consultation ENP Progress Reports
NEWWEU Commission calls for consultation/contribution, asking NGOs to send input to the EU in preparation of ENP progress reports. The reports concern all ENP countries in which an ENP Action Plan is agreed. We encourage you and/or your partners to send your specific comments to the EU.

Waged Domestic Work
NEWWWaged Domestic Work and the Making of the Modern World Conference - Friday 9th May - Sunday 11th May 2008, at the University of Warwick, UK. Deadline for registration - 1st April 2008. An international conference to explore the role of waged domestic work in the making of modern economic, social, and cultural formations.

Women's Leadership Scholarship
NEWWWLS is a funding opportunity for women pursuing non-doctoral level graduate education. We thought that this information might be of some use to the organizations and individuals with whom you collaborate.

iKNOW Politics seeks Project Coordinator
NEWWThe International Knowledge Network of Women in Politics, or iKNOW Politics, is currently seeking an experienced Project Coordinator to be based in Oslo. A mid- to high-level professional, the coordinator will manage the project's strategic planning and day-to day operations including management of the iKNOW Politics staff.

Young Men's Perceptions of Masculinity
NEWWCARE International and the International Center for Research on Women released "Exploring the Dimensions of Masculinity and Violence," a report that documents their work through the Western Balkan Gender-Based Violence Prevention Initiative looking at social constructions of masculinity and how those constructions lead to attitudes and behaviors toward women.

Religious Dimension of Sustainable Development
NEWWThe theme of the month is "religious dimension of sustainable development." There is a religious dimension to the United Nations' Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), and there is a religious dimension to human nature and everything we do.

Shirkat Gah Newsheet vol. XIX
NEWWA quarterly newsheet on women, laws and society produced by Shirkat Gah for the International Solidarity network WLUML. In this issue: Emergency in Pakistan, Women, rights and laws, fundamentalism, Women in the forces, Violence against women, Civil society, Dress code, Alert for action.

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