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   biul_gdansk Raport  [2008-01-16 10:27:43]
Network of East West Women/NEWW-Polska Update
Winter 2007
Dear Friend! NEWW/NEWW-Polska had a very good year 2007. Now, with the end of the year I would like to present you with the update which illustrates our achievements this year and brings you up to date on NEWW/NEWW-Polska projects. I. COOPERATION NEWW/NEWW-Polska has became a more recognized and valued network which gave us new possibilities to reach out to new partners and implement new projects. Network-Building Since we recognize the strength of common actions implemented by networks we continuously engage in network building. NEWW established Focal Points in a few countries in CEE/CIS (Croatia, Georgia, Tajikistan, Ukraine) and participants of our projects come from several countries in the region (Armenia, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Georgia, Hungary, Ukraine). A few months ago, when we presented the outcomes of our Gender Watch Project to representatives of the European Commission and European NGOs in Brussels we ensured the participation of our project participants from Georgia, Tajikistan, Ukraine. We continuously engage our member organizations from all over the region in our activities (e.g. publishing information that we receive from them on our website and in a bulletin, inviting them to trainings and meetings).

NEWW-Polska is an active member of coalitions and networks including the Zagranica Group, (an association of Polish non-governmental organizations working abroad in cooperation with and for the benefit of foreign partners. Recently NEWW became a representative of Zagranica Group for Gender issues in CONCORD - the European NGO Confederation for Relief and Development). NEWW is also a contact NGO in Poland for Social Watch, cooperates with EUROSTEP, Polish Women's Lobby and is a member of the Steering Committee responsible for organization of the European Feminist Forum in 2008. Publications and NEWW on-line To inform other NGOs and the public on issues within the scope of our activities, in order to enhance advocacy on economic justice for women and to support women's rights in general, we publish and disseminate publications and present them in many venues. As an outcome of EU Gender Watch project NEWW prepared EU-CIS Gender Watch 2007-2008 - Country Reports which were presented at a workshop for European NGOs and EC in Brussels. NEWW published also a manual on gender mainstreaming called ABC of Equality which has been presented at numerous meetings in Poland. NEWW published also a calendar for 2008 with each month illustrating a different sort of action that can be taken to improve women's situation. 1. "ABC of Equality", NEWW manual. NEWW website is well known among feminists in Poland and in the region. According to the statistics there have been more than 90 thousand visits a month (average). NEWW also publishes two weekly bulletins, one in English and one in Polish. 2. Statistics of visits to NEWW site in 2007. Media Coverage
In 2007 in Polish media there has been an increased coverage of NEWW's work. It has been especially connected to our work on gender budgeting and our participation in the European Year of Equal Opportunities for All. We gave numerous interviews and we were invited to write articles for international publications like Belgian Chronicle Feministe or the website of the External Europe Policy Advisers (EEPA). II. RECENT PROJECTS
In the last year, NEWW-Polska coordinated a few projects and partnered with other organizations in their projects. Here are the most interesting examples of the projects:

EU Gender Watch. The main objective of the "EU Gender Watch" project has consisted in enabling women NGOs in New Member States, Accession Countries and EU Neighboring Countries to cooperate in monitoring and lobbying the EU on its development policies in order to make the EU commitment to advance gender equality and its translation into policy, action, and allocation of resources reflected in EU assistance to countries of the region. Its goal has been to promote cooperation between NGOs in the new member states as well as the "new EU neighbors" around the development agenda of the EU. The project has aimed at coordinating and supporting women NGOs from the region of CEE/CIS in their activities aimed at promotion of such development policies that would promote gender equality and empower women, reduce poverty, and meet the Millennium Development Goals in compliance with the International Development Agenda. EU Gender Watch has been dedicated to monitoring the EU for its accountability to the promotion of gender equality in the region.

EU-CIS Gender Watch. The main objective of the project is enabling women NGOs/networks in New Member States, the Caucasus and the EU Neighbouring Countries to cooperate in monitoring and lobbying the EU on its development policies as well as monitoring and lobbying the EU national governments regarding Official Development Assistance (ODA) - in order to make the EU commitment to advance gender equality and its translation into policy, action, and allocation of resources reflected in EU assistance to countries of the region. This project is a continuation of EU Gender Watch Project.

Gender Budgeting as an Instrument for Managing Scientific Organisations to Promote Equal Opportunities for Women and Men - With the Example of Universities. is a project realized by four partners: Frauenakademie München e.V., Sozialwissenschaftliches Institut München, Department of Economics / Institute for Institutional and Heterodox Economics and Network East-West Women (NEWW) -Poland.

Our SSA (SPECIFIC SUPPORT ACTION) aims at the development of tools/instruments to implement gender budgeting as an important part of budget planning in science. With the example of universities we want to extrapolate the findings to contribute to a gender watch system.

In the SSA, three countries Austria, Germany and Poland, work closely together. This allows a transnational as well as an interdisciplinary approach referring to the methods used in the SSA as well as referring to the participants of the team. As all countries are at a different level of organizational development and at a different level of implementing gender mainstreaming and gender budgeting in science the comparison will enable us to develop valid results.

Fit for Gender Mainstreaming - Gender-sensitive transcending of borders between East and West . Project implemented together with Prague Gender Studies, Heinrich Boell Foundation and die Grune Bildungswekstatt from Austria. The project consists in running of Trainings for Trainers on Gender Mainstreaming.

ABC of Equality. A campaign for media, local government and general public organized within a framework of the European Year of Equal Opportunities for All. NEWW-Polska published a manual on gender mainstreaming, a short movie, run three conferences in Poland and organized a media campaign.

"The right for all not to be poor": European social policy for a global agenda. This project is implemented in partnership with MiTi Foundation from Latvia. Its major goal is to increase the visible accountability of European governments, including those of NMS, and the EU as a whole for the implementation of international commitments on social and human development, including the MDGs, made in international conferences over the past decade. The project is designed within the context of Social Watch to promote dialogue and engagement of civil society actors within the 12 new member states around the commitments that the EU and the 27 member states have signed up to within the context of the International Community. It will have a specific orientation towards strengthening the active involvement of civil society organisations from Europe in Social Watch. (Social Watch is an international NGO watchdog network monitoring poverty eradication and gender equality.)

As every year Book and Journal Project has been successfully implemented by Ann Snitowand Soraya Field Fiorio from New York . Also, NEWW continues to be a partner of the Bulgarian Gender Research Foundation in implementation of the Women's Human Rights Training Institute and it runs Legal and Psychological Councelling in Gdansk. III. PROBLEMS
Our financial situation requires a lot of our work and attention since it is difficult to secure a stable funding for our projects. We are lucky to be granted multiyear funding from the Global Fund for Women but of course we continue trying to secure support for all our activities. Nevertheless we believe that we will secure the support we need. If you want to provide assistance or advice please contact me at

Looking forward to working with you in 2008,
With best New Year greetings,

Małgorzata Tarasiewicz,

Director NEWW-Polska team (not whole) From the top left Gosia, Malgosia, Anna, Zofia, Marina (our volunteer from Belarus)