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   biul_gdansk Newsletter No. 181  [2007-12-04 14:26:34]
Election Monitors Question Putin's Victory
NEWWEuropean election monitors called into question a weekend victory by the party of Russia's President Vladimir Putin that would pave the way for him to remain the country's de facto leader even after he leaves office in the spring.

House Divided-Domestic Violence
NEWWTatiana remembers her wedding day as the happiest day of her life. Her groom Vladimir was handsome, courtly and, unlike so many of the men she had dated, courteous and faithful. When he lifted her chin to kiss her lips, she recalls feeling a sense of "coming home".

Women Connecting to Transform Global AIDS
NEWWA dramatic increase in support and partnership with HIV-affected women has the potential to breathe new life into the continent of Africa and elsewhere. It's an exciting vision we can't turn away from. At World Pulse, we're making AIDS solutions a priority.

Resolution on Equality
NEWWEuropean Parliament resolution of 27 September 2007 on equality between women and men in the European Union - 2007 (2007/2065(INI)).

Human Rights Maps
NEWWWe were really amazed by the World Freedom Atlas. Its really useful, contains a host of data, and is also very beautifully executed. We recommend to take some minutes to explore it, before reading further:

Gender Approaches at Regional Level
NEWWOctober 23- 25, 2007 interregional educational seminar "Introduction gender approaches at regional level" took place in the Kharkiv region. Representatives of Ministry, UNDP Program of equal opportunities, Heads of Departments of family, youth and sport of regional State Administrations, researches, NGO representatives that work in the field of gender equality took part in the seminar.

Dialog of State Power and Public on Gender
NEWWIs there a dialog of state power and public in a gender question? Answer to this question tried to answer participants of conference of "Strengthening of dialog between state power and public in relation to the solving actual gender problems", that took place November, 13, 2007. Conference was organized with support of Frederic Ebert Fund for Ukraine and Belarus and NGO "Woman's Consortium of Ukraine".

Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination
NEWWOn 26 November, 12 o'clock, Useful to Albanian Women Organization in collaboration with the Culture and Support Center for Women and the Police Department of the Tirana County, organized an activity for the International Day on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women.

Women's Rights-Based Approach to Climate Change
NEWWWomen living in poverty are the most threatened by the dangers that stem from global warming. They are also key actors in ensuring their communities' ability to cope with and adapt to climate change. When we approach climate change from the perspective of women, we see the ways that women are made vulnerable to threats associated with climate change, and that women's skills and leadership are crucial for people's survival and recovery.

Full Time Policy Officer - EWL
NEWWThe European Women's Lobby, the largest coalition of women's non-governmental organization in the European Union, based in Brussels is seeking to appoint a FULL TIME POLICY OFFICER (Full Time Position, February 2008).

Project Coordinator iKnow Politics
NEWWWhile there have been some encouraging trends in recent years, women continue to face innumerable obstacles in their efforts to attain leadership positions at national and sub-national levels. These challenges affect not only aspiring women candidates, but can also constrain women voters and activists. Various organizations actively promote women's political participation by providing statistics and research, offering training and skills development and funding initiatives to promote women in leadership.

Financing for Gender Equality - CSW 2008
NEWWThe United Nations Commission on the Status of Women will consider the theme: "Financing for gender equality and the empowerment of women" at its 52nd session at United Nations Headquarters in New York from 25 February to 7 March 2008. The review theme at this session will be "Women's participation in conflict prevention, management, conflict resolution, and in post-conflict peace-building".

Gender, Law, and Policy in ADB Operations
NEWWIn line with Asian Development Bank's (ADB) Policy on Gender and Development, it is important for ADB staff and consultants to recognize the gender implications of their work on law and policy reforms. The Gender, Law, and Policy (GLP) Tool Kit helps analyze GLP issues in proposed ADB projects. It is particularly useful in designing program and sector development loans, where law and policy reforms play an especially prominent role.

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