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   biul_gdansk Newsletter No. 177  [2007-10-11 09:19:10]
NEWW Economic and Political Institute for Women
NEWWIn 2008 NEWW is starting a new two-year project called "Women Economic and Political Institute". The goal of the Institute is to contribute towards developing an underdeveloped area of economic justice for women in CEE/NIS. This goal will be accomplished by building the capacity of women NGO activists and women - politicians from CEE/NIS to actively influence and shape policies aiming at improvement of economic situation of women in countries which have been deeply affected by transition to market economy and by globalization.

Stand Up & Be Counted
NEWWI wanted to bring to your attention an important event that will take place next week, 16-17 October. I hope you will inform women's organizations and other partners and supporters of gender equality and women's human rights in our region to stand up and be counted. Please go to

No for Sectarian Partitioning
NEWWLast week's Congress non-binding amendment calls for partitioning of Iraq into three federals divided along ethnic and sectarian lines, created a public and official turmoil in Iraq, refusing any appalling impose on Iraq's domestic affairs, sovereignty and unity.

America Still Tortures
NEWWLong after the scandal at Abu Ghraib and the Administration's denouncement of all that happened there, the New York Times reported last week that in 2005, the Justice Department issued a secret internal memo that endorsed "the harshest interrogation techniques ever used by the Central Intelligence Agency."

Zero Tolerance for Forced Prostitution
NEWWThe Assembly has strongly condemned forced prostitution and trafficking in human beings and has called on all member states, which have not yet done so, to sign and ratify the Council of Europe Convention on Action to Combat Trafficking in Human Beings.

Scant Heed to Women's Rights in EU Aid Plans
NEWWProgrammes focused on reducing women's poverty are largely absent from a new series of EU aid plans for countries in Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific (ACP), a Eurostep analysis has found. The EU institutions are currently assessing the strategy papers that will guide how nearly €23 billion is spent in the ACP from the beginning of next year until 2013.

Respect and Rights for Domestic Workers
NEWWReports, information and articles of the international seminars on workers - women and men - in the informal economy.

Melting Box
NEWWMelting Box - the International Fair of Rights and Equal Opportunities for All coming up in Turin (22-24 October 2007)

International Conference on Gender
NEWWThe Nordic Baltic Network for Gender Responsive Budgeting will arrange an international conference on this theme on the 10 and 11 January 2008 at the Mykolas Romeris University, Vilnius, Lithuania.

Gender and Well Being
NEWWOn behalf of the Organising Committee of the Fourth Symposium of the Action: "Gender and Well Being: The Role of Institutions from past to present" (Madrid, Spain, on 25th-27th June 2008), we remind you that the call for papers is still opened until the 15 th of OCTOBER 2007.

Justice Initiative Fellows Program
NEWWThe Open Society Justice Initiative, an operational program of the Open Society Institute (OSI), joins with Central European University (CEU) to announce the Justice Initiative Fellows Program for 2008-2010.

Iskandar Development Region Conference
NEWWThe Iskandar Development Region (IDR) is set to become Southern Peninsular Malaysia's most developed and advanced region, where living, entertainment, environment, services and business seamlessly converge within a bustling, forward-looking and vibrant metropolis.

Contest for Journalists
NEWWUnited Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Country Office in Uzbekistan and Women's Committee announced a competition for journalists for the best coverage of issues on elimination of discrimination against women.

Making Governance Gender Responsive
NEWWGreetings from the Center for Asia Pacific Women in Politics (CAPWIP) Institute for Gender, Governance & Leadership! We are pleased to invite you to the 8th training on "Making Governance Gender Responsive (MGGR)", which will be held on November 12-19, 2007 in Manila, Philippines.

Women, Ink
NEWWInterested in the latest thinking on women, socio-economic and political change from around the world? Welcome to Women, Ink. - your one-stop-shop for books on women, gender and development.

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Malgorzata Tarasiewicz NEWW/NEWW-Polska Director