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   biul_gdansk Newsletter No. 175  [2007-08-30 21:37:09]
Illegal Abortive Pills
NEWWThe police had been observing the accused for a long time and finally intervened when the 40 year-old defendant was about to see a woman who needed a clandestine medical abortion on 12th of July.

Research on Attitudes Towards Abortion
NEWWBulgarian Family Planning and Sexual Health Association (BFPA), ASTRA Network member organization, monitors the sexual and reproductive health and rights situation on both national and international levels.

Strategies Against Discrimination
NEWWEach year the Almedalen Week sees crowds of journalists, local and national politicians and lobbyists descending on the city of Visby in Sweden. This year there was a central theme – the European Year of Equal Opportunities for All.

Philippines: Arrests Due to Illegal Abortion
NEWWFive employees of the medical clinic that performed legally banned abortions in the Catholic Philippines were arrested after the police raid the clinic in Manila.

Interview on Female Genital Cutting
NEWWAs part of an exclusive interview with the Development Gateway Foundation, German Minister for Economic Cooperation and Development Heidemarie Wieczorek-Zeul discusses the central challenges facing those who wish to eradicate the practice of female genital cutting.

Justice Initiative Fellows Program
NEWWThe Open Society Justice Initiative, an operational program of the Open Society Institute (OSI), joins with Central European University (CEU) to announce the Justice Initiative Fellows Program for 2008-2010.

Women Deliver Conference
NEWWWomen Deliver is a landmark global conference that will focus on creating political will to save the lives and improve the health of women, mothers and newborn babies around the world.

Transnationalism: Call For Papers
NEWWTransnationalism and Resistance: Experience and Experiment in Contemporary Women's Writing

Opportunity at Rice University
NEWWThe Center for the Study of Women, Gender, and Sexuality at Rice University announces two postdoctoral fellowships in the humanities or social sciences for scholars pursuing research and publication projects that focus on gender and health; gender and urban studies; women in the global economy; poverty and capability studies; or sexuality studies.

Job: University of Kansas
NEWWThe University of Kansas seeks to appoint a tenure-track, assistant professor in its Women’s Studies Program. Applicants should have a research agenda and teaching interests in global feminism. Academic discipline is open.

Measuring Homelessness in Europe
NEWWHomelessness and housing deprivation exist in all European countries and yet there are few official statistics on homelessness, and those that to exist are rarely comparable between different countries. The lack of clear data on the extent of homelessness makes an understanding of its nature, causes and the effective action needed to tacle it all the more difficult.

European Employment Observatory Review
NEWWThis publication is the European Employment Observatory Review for autumn 2006. It is based on national articles provided by the Sysdem experts coverting 30 countries (EU - 27, candidate countries Croatia and Turkey, and EEA country Norway).

Equal Pay - Exchange of Good Practices
NEWWEqual Pay for equal work is one of the European Union's founding principles. Enshrined in the Treaty of Rome in 1957, it was the subject of the Community's very legal provision in the field of equal treatment for women and men. A 1975 directive broadened the legal framework, prohibiting all dicrimination on the grounds of gender for the same work or for work of equal value in respect of all aspects of pay.

Women’s Reproductive Rights: Resource Pack
NEWWThis resource pack provides relevant knowledge to facilitate mainstreaming gender-responsive approaches into reproductive health programmes, and the inclusion of specific aspects of gender inequality and disadvantage into national policy frameworks.

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