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   biul_gdansk Newsletter No. 174  [2007-08-24 10:13:13]
Mechanisms of Protecting from Discrimination
NEWWJune, 13 2007 round table "Mechanisms of protecting from discrimination based on sex: variants for Ukraine" took place. It was organized by the International Center of Perspective Researches and Ukrainian Educational Center of Reforms.

Sweden's Success Against Prostitution
NEWWProstitution in Sweden is technically illegal, since it is a crime to purchase the service. Sweden considers prostitution a form of violence against women so the crime does not lie in the prostitute selling sexual services, but in the customer's buying of such services.

Eurostep's Vision of a Responsible Europe
NEWWThe European Union is a community, born of a desire for peace and stability, and based on a commitment to the values of democracy, equality, solidarity, social justice, human rights, tolerance and the international rule of law. It is also a unique model of cooperation amongst states, and a testament to the importance of recognising strength in diversity, fostering common interests, increasing collective prosperity and building strong and secure relationships. As it evolves in size and stature, these shared values must continue to shape Europe's cooperation both within and beyond its borders.

German State Upholds Headscarf Ban for Teachers
NEWWA German court upheld a ban on Tuesday on female teachers wearing headscarves in schools in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, where almost a third of the country's 3.5 million Muslims live.

CEDAW Country Reports
NEWWCountries that have ratified or acceded to the Convention are legally bound to put its provisions into practice. They are also committed to submit national reports, at least every four years, on measures they have taken to comply with their treaty obligations. For an update on the status of submission by country, please download the status of submission and consideration of reports submitted by States parties, as at 31 August 2006

Religious Fundamentalisms and Women's Rights
NEWWFill out this survey by September 9th for TWO chances to win full funding to participate in the next AWID International Forum, Cape Town, South Africa!

Executive Director - UNIFEM
NEWWUNIFEM is a United Nations "thought and action" leader on women's issues, women's rights and gender equality. Against the backdrop of UN reforms, UNIFEM intends to substantially enhance its capacity to drive the gender agenda within the UN system, raise global awareness and act as a catalyst for change regarding women's empowerment and rights, violence against women, HIV/AIDS and political participation.

IRCW is Seeking an Economist
NEWWThe International Center for Research on Women (ICRW) is seeking a Economist ICRW's Poverty Reduction and Economic Governance team to develop and conduct research in the Team's areas of interest, which include asset accumulation and women's property rights and the impact of multilateral and national economic policies on gender equality.

Global Safe Abortion Conference 2007
NEWWWhose Right? Whose Choice? Who Cares? Tuesday 23 - Wednesday 24 October 2007 QEII Conference Centre, London

UN Trust Fund - Application Guidelines
NEWWThe UN Trust Fund to End Violence Against Women is accepting applications for its 12th grant cycle (2007) related to one of the following areas of work:

Gender Studies in Baltic States Region
NEWWWe are pleased to invite you to the international scientific conference on "Gender Studies in Baltic States Region". Conference is organized by Vilnius University, Department of Philosophy and Cultural Studies. It will be held in Kaunas at Kaunas Faculty of Humanities in 29-30 November, 2007. The conference strives to create the platform for the analyses and discussion on gender issues identifying common tendencies and peculiarities in gender research in Baltic Sea region as well as in Europe.

Amnesty International Report 2007
NEWWAmnesty International Report 2007 the state of the world's human rights

Research in Gender and Development
NEWWIn recent decades the presence of women in public life has grown in politics, the workforce, and in the migrant streams that cross international borders. However, gender inequalities continue to be a persistent and integral feature of the modern world and its institutions: markets and macroeconomic flows, states, political parties and social movements, and the intimate sphere of family, household and community.

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