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   biul_gdansk Newsletter No. 169  [2007-05-25 14:54:51]
Gender Manifesto
NEWWA call for critical reflection on Gender-oriented capacity building and consultancy.

Festival Scores Points for German Filmmakers
NEWWA women's film festival that just marked its 20th year shows the movie industry's structural resistance to newcomers, organizers say. In Germany, for instance, women are near parity in film schools but win marginal industry financing.

The European "F" Forum
NEWWThe European "F" Forum builds an open and diverse dialogue, organizes an energetic space for talking about women, and will make change happen in Europe. It takes place on the web, and in real time connection. Don't miss the European "F" Forum in Poland, 13-15 June 2008!

World Day for Prevention of Child Abuse: Get Involved
NEWWWWSF is in the process of finalizing the list of coalition members for 2007 World Day for Prevention of Child Abuse.

Women's Human Rights Training Institute II
NEWWThe Bulgarian Gender Research Foundation (BGRF), the Center for Reproductive Rights (CRR) and the Network of East-West Women (NEWW) and are pleased to announce a call for applications for the second Women's Human Rights Training Institute (WHRTI), 2007-2009.

Human Rights Institute - Call for Applications
NEWWThe Bulgarian Gender Research Foundation (BGRF), the Center for Reproductive Rights (CRR) and the Network of East-West Women (NEWW) and are pleased to announce a call for applications for the second Women's Human Rights Training Institute (WHRTI), 2007-2009. The first WHRTI was held in 2004-2006.

Russian Translator
NEWWOnce our EFF website is available in Russian, women from Eastern Europe and former Soviet republic will have an easier access to it as well. The Russian version is an important tool to involve women from "the East" in the EFF. That is why I'm asking you again if you know Russian translators (English to Russian).

NEWW"Thamyris / Intersecting," a book series on place, sex and 'race' seeks contributions to an upcoming volume on heterosexuality. Heterosexuality has long been considered the norm, the unmarked category from which all 'perversions' deviate - in short, something that is in itself not in need of an explanation. With the emergence of queer theory in the 1990's, and its insistence on the constructed and flux nature of all sexual identities, straightness itself was shown to be neither as monolithic nor as stable as had once been assumed. This opened the doors for a project that Calvin Thomas has recently dubbed 'straight queer theory,' a rigorous analysis of the cultural and social construction of heterosexuality that refuses to take sexual identity as fixed.

The Journal of Middle East Women's Studies
NEWWThe Journal of Middle East Women’s Studies invites graduate students to submit research papers for consideration as the JMEWS Bi-Annual Best Graduate Student Essay.

Politics of Development SL/Reader
NEWWWe are seeking to appoint a Senior Lecturer or Reader in the Politics of Development preferably to start on 1 September 2007. This permanent position is intended to make a significant contribution to research and teaching capacity on the politics of developing countries and the place of poorer countries in the international order.

Social Watch Gender Equity Index 2007
NEWWThe results of the 2007 Social Watch Gender Equity Index (GEI) clearly demonstrate that a country's level of wealth does not automatically determine its degree of equity. Rwanda, one of the world's least developed countries, ranks third on the list of GEI scores, after Sweden and Finland, thanks to intensive affirmative action efforts. In the meantime, a number of high-income countries rank far down on the list. The evolution of the GEI between 2004 and 2007 reveals a few global advances, but the general trend seen throughout the world is either very slow progress or no progress at all. The United States, a high-income country, is one of the 10 countries that have experienced the greatest regression. Obviously, the key to gender equity lies not in a country's economic power, but rather in its government's political will.

The Making of Our Bodies, Ourselves
NEWWIn The Making of Our Bodies, Ourselves, Kathy Davis tells the story of the travels of this remarkable book. Based on interviews with members of the Boston Women's Health Book Collective, the group of women who created Our Bodies, Ourselves, as well as responses from readers, and discussions with translators from Latin America, Egypt, Thailand, China, Eastern Europe, Francophone Africa, and many other countries and regions, she shows why Our Bodies, Ourselves could never have been so influential if it had just been a popular manual on women's health.

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Malgorzata Tarasiewicz NEWW/NEWW-Polska Director