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   biul_gdansk Newsletter No. 165  [2007-04-07 11:55:11]
Clothes Made for Real Women
NEWWMADRID, Spain: Vanesa Lopez looked at the mannequin in the store window and burst out laughing. It was mostly leg, impossibly long and thin, with shorts hugging a tiny waist and a frilly top on delicate shoulders.

Woman's Place in the Kitchen
NEWWAccording to the traditional mentality of many Armenian families, the woman has to be occupied only with housekeeping and upbringing of the children, if not before marriage, then after it, by the husband's decision.

Bulgarian National Prevention
NEWWNational campaign for preventing trafficking in humans. About 10 thousand Bulgarian women all over the world are forced to prostitute - these are the data of various international humanitarian organizations. Nobody knows exactly how many women in Eastern Europe have been trafficked against their will into prostitution, but the estimates for Bulgaria range in the thousands.

Political Gender Equality Takes a Turn
NEWWElection campaigners call for more pro-women's rights female candidates. Political activities aimed at introducing more women into the nation's political arena are gathering pace in the wake of the official launch of campaigning for the quadrennial nationwide local elections.

Chinese Culture Shock
NEWWStudying abroad is encouraging Chinese women to challenge male domination We are in the middle of the biggest educational movement in history. Hundreds of thousands of young people are travelling to be educated abroad.

Scholarship Extension for Application
NEWWDeadline for applications for Professor Isabel Marcus' domestic violence fellowship at the university at Buffalo has been extended to April 10, 2007.

WIDE's Annual Conference 2007
NEWWConference 2007 "New aid, old trade: What do women have to say?" will be hosted by the Gender and Development Working Group of the Spanish Platform of Development NGOs (CONGDE), in Madrid on 14-17 June 2007.

NGOs Trained to Help Trafficking Victims
NEWWOSCE Project Co-ordinator Trains NGOs to Help Trafficking Victims Twenty five NGO representatives are taking part in a training course on helping victims of human trafficking, organized this week by the OSCE Project Co-ordinator in Ukraine and the Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union.

Vacancy at BRIDGE - Senior Gender Officer
NEWWBRIDGE is an innovative gender and development unit within the Information Department of the Institute of Development Studies (IDS). It supports policymakers and practitioners with accessible research reports and disseminating information on gender equality.

Gender Gap Index
NEWWGender inequality is worse in Hungary than any other Central Eastern European country and even some Asian and African states, based on the United Nations' 2006 "Gender Gap" index.

The Unfinished Story of Women
NEWWThe Unfinished Story of Women and the United Nations is a publication of the NGLS Development Dossier series that looks back at more than 85 years of history of women and inter-governmental organisations

Women and Poverty
NEWWMore than 1 billion people live in poverty around the world, and a great majority of them are women. Women's poverty is a violation of their human rights to health and well-being, food, adequate housing, a safe and healthy living environment, social security, employment and development.

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