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   biul_gdansk Newsletter No. 164  [2007-03-29 11:17:13]
Feminist Leaders Profiles - Croatia
NEWWSanja Sarnavka has served as President of the Women's Human Rights Group B.a.B.e. for the last five years and has been a coordinator for the Open Society Institute's Women and Media project for the last eight years. She is also a lecturer at the Center for Women Studies with a course on the media. Prior to her full-time commitment to nongovernmental organizations, she has worked as a teacher, journalist, translator, and editor, as well as served as director of two schools. From 2003 to 2004 she was a member of the Croatian Parliament's Committee for Human Rights and Rights of Minorities.

Alicja Tysiac Won With the Polish Government
NEWWOn 20th of March the European Court of Human Rights announced it's verdict in favour of Alicja Tysiac - Polish woman who was denied an access to abortion although the pregnancy posed a real threat to her health.

Year Five of the War of Iraq
NEWWNext week begins year five of the war and occupation of Iraq. Right now, we have a big moment to stand up for peace. In Washington: Congress debates war funding.

La Strada Appeals For Equal Rights
NEWWMarch 19, 2007 La Strada Ukraine appealed to women, public, international organizations and NGO, scientists, journalists with petition concerning formalistic approach of Ukrainian Government concerning changes in legislation on ensuring equal rights and opportunities of women and men.

New Draft Law Against Violence in Family
NEWWMarch 15, 2007 round table "Improving legislation of Ukraine concerning violence in family" took place at the Parliament of Ukraine.

Host the European Feminist Forum
NEWWSteering Committee of the European Feminist Forum has agreed that the event of the European Feminist Forum to be held in Poland. We expect 500 feminists from all over Europe to come to Poland, from 13-15 June 2008, and create an active agenda for a feminist Europe.

Vacancies for PHD Students in Political Theory
NEWWEconomists (esp. Feminist / heterodox) with a strong interest in political philosophy are very welcome to apply for these positions: 2 VACANCIES FOR PHD STUDENTS IN POLITICAL THEORY for the NWO-VIDI project "Social justice and the new welfare state" At the Radboud University Nijmegen, Department of Political Science.

Congress on Gender Violence - Spain
NEWWThe Foundation "Against Discrimination and Ill-Treatment: Tolerance Zero", under the authority of the Generalitat Valenciana, jointly with the University of Valencia, promote the celebration of this "International Congress on Gender Violence: Practical Measures and Proposals for the Europe 27". ( 19-20 the April 2007).

THE EU Social Protection and Inclusion Process
NEWWThrough the EU Social Protection and social Inclusion Process, the European Union coordinates and encourages Member State actions to combat poverty and social exclusion, and to reform their social protection systems on the basis of policy exchanges and mutual learning. A more cohesive society for a stronger Europe

European Handbook On Equality Data
NEWWThis Handbook seeks to provide decision makers and other stakeholders with the means by which to assess and improve the national compilation of equality data. It deals with the grounds of discrimination covered by these directives, namely racial and ethnic origin, religion and belief, age, disability and sexual orientation.

Report- Women in Parliaments
NEWWInter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) has published report "Women in Parliaments", which contains information about percentage of women in each national parliament in 2006.Tajikistan ranked 62nd in 2006 in terms of percentage of women in parliament.

New WIDE Publication
NEWWWIDE has the pleasure to announce the release its latest publication: Fair and unfair competition: The EU China trade race and its gender implications, written by Christa Wichterich. China has emerged as a global player on the international trade map.

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