Seminar: Gdansk Gender Budget Initiative

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Seminar, that summarised the half-year project and launched the Report - the local analysis of Gender Budget and women's situation in Gdańsk, took place in March 18-19 in Sopot, Poland.

In this two-day seminar representatives of local goverment and local city hall as well as polish women's NGO had opportunity to get to know the picture of Gdansk women's live and work conditions, their needs, and the local budget construction, possibilities of infuence of the local society and recommendations.

As a comparison - we invited Ms. Inken Gize form Berlin Gender Büro - and she presented actual activities and achievemnts of Gender Mainstreaming policy in Germany, with the special focus - Berlin.

Her presentation you can find under the link:
Seminar - Presentation of German Results

Eksperts from Gdansk University: Katarzyna Balandynowicz - Panfil and Urszula Opacka showed the raport outcomes and recommendations.

The most important are:
1. Activisation of the elderly people
Currently in Gdansk live 16.3% of elderly people (post-production age). The estimations are that within 30 years more than 25% of the society will be elderly people. The European Employment Strategy implies that in 2010 50% of the people between 55-64 years old would be employed.
Women live longer then men, and they get less money - because their retiring age is 60. We expect the local goverment to: initiate programmes of proffesional activity for women, to create chances for further development (3rd age Universities) and create databasis with complex job offers for elderly people - especially women. We expect as well that the other innitiatives we propose would be taken into consideration to include and integrate elderly people with society through spare time organization and interest development.

2. Equal treatment of women and men at the labour market
Women are discriminated while eployment process (happens a lot of times that they have to sign the paper with "no having child for 2 years" paragraph. Women earn 18% less than men (average) and most of them loose their jobs during the parental leave. We postulate that goverment should create the women's centre with the complex databasis of job offers for women, using the new technologies - to create eGdansk. The same centre can be the work-advisor and provide legal counselling in this area. At the beginning women can employ themselves and later they can raise money for programmes for women re-integration with labour market and activation. The realization of Lisbon Strategy, that implies that competitive european market can be created through the programmes preventing unemployment, progresses through women employment and their increased number at the labour market.

3. Long time unemployment
This is mainly women's group that stays without work for long periods. We expect goverment to press the institutions to treat those women individually and if the centre for women would be created - they can play crucial role in giving those women skills necessary to update their position on the labour market.

On the Saturday's discussion pannel - further plans were developed and cooperation established. There will be workshops for all plenipotentiaries to the equal status of women and men organized in April, then the patner organization: Foundation to the Regional and Local Democracy Development (FRDL) would together with NEWW-Polska train the trainers for further dissemination of Gender Budget Inintiative in whole Poland and encourage women's officials to press the local goverments to change the policy, create functional budgets and implement ideas.

UNIFEM would soponsor the english - summary of Gdansk Gender Budget Initiative Raport, so 500 copies would be available in NEWW-Polska and send to all european partner organizations and interesetd bodies.

: Zofia Lapniewska - Gdansk Gender Budget Initiative Coordinator

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