The New Headquarters of NEWW

2004-07-22 21:52:53 / News read 2409 reading
In February this year (2004) the NEWW Board has decided that the time is right to decentralize the activities of the NEWW office in D.C., and officially move the headquarters of NEWW to NEWW-Polska.

Hence on May 31, 2004, NEWW-Polska became the international secretariat of NEWW. The Book and Journal will continue in the US and be led by US-based NEWW Board Members, the Women's Human Rights Training Institute will be administered jointly by NEWW-Polska and the Bulgarian Gender Research Foundation, the Legal Fellowship Program will be coordinated by NEWW-Polska in conjunction with NEWW's Board. Additionally, NEWW-Polska will serve as the communications hub for future NEWW on-line services and will be the lead organizer for the NEWW Fellow Alumnae Workshops, the NEWW Board of Directors meetings, the Gender Policy Conference, and all other regional conferences and workshops.

The NEWW Board believes that this move will allow NEWW to better serve women in CEE/NIS, facilitate NEWW's ability to successfully leverage new sources of funding, assist with the development of closer partnerships between NEWW members in EU and non-EU countries, as well as support the continued growth and sustainability of NEWW's programs.

After almost fifteen years of building up personal and professional relationships with colleagues east and west, the US end of NEWW will continue to be actively engaged and supportive of NEWW-Polska and our other members in the region.

This shift will hopefully open up new possibilities for NEWW's legal, economic, information, health and social policy work, and allow NEWW to play a larger role in bridging the new divides emerging in the region.
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