Raport on the Situation of Men and Women in the Baltic Sea Region

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During 2013, the UBC Commission on Gender Equality has been realizing a second rapport on the situation of men and women in the Baltic Sea region, observing progress in some areas while many challenges still remain. This study depicts the economic, politic and social evolution of our macro-region and their impact on the life of our citizens. You will find this document here.


Equality between men and women is here demonstrating its importance in terms of sustainability. Therefore, by reading this rapport, we hope that you will learn more on the barriers gender inequality has on the development of your and our initiatives. This report has for aim to be a tool for all of us and to be a  knowledge base for working efficiently in our cities and all around the Baltic Sea Region. As representatives of our cities, economic and social leading forces in the Baltic Sea macro-region, you are the best ambassador for spreading the report and its message.


The UBC Commission on Gender Equality strongly underlines the need to have an on-going discussion about gender equality, about the progress that is being made as well as the challenges that still remain. We hope that this report will help put gender issues on top of the agenda and that our cities and region will continue to share knowledge and best practice among each other. The Gender Commission secretariat situated in Umeå municipality, Sweden, will be pleased to answer any questions and gladly welcome new collaborations.


Best regards,




Charlotte Lundkvist,

Chair of UBC Commission on Gender Equality




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Tytuł informacji: Raport on the Situation of Men and Women in the Baltic Sea Region
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