4th International Conference on Survivors of Rape to be held in Portugal in 2014

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RCNI are delighted to announce that the hosts for ICSoR 2014 will be Portugal’s Associação de Mulheres Contra a Violencia (AMCV). The conference website will carry updates on key speakers, dates, venue, and themes. The call for appears is expected to open in early 2014.
Cliona Saidlear, RCNI chair of ICSoR 2012 said, ‘ICSoR provides a unique and invaluable opportunity to share best practice on responding to sexual violence internationally and to drive change. As hosts of ICSoR 2012 we are excited at the prospect of AMCV taking up the challenge of advancing and growing the conference and the learning arising out of it.
‘Responding appropriately to the issue of sexual violence and ensuring the vindication of the rights of survivors and that their needs are met continues to be an unfinished task across the world. Many individuals, organisations and states have invested energy, commitment and conviction into preventing sexual violence and improving our responses. Supporting evidence based and effective actions is an important objective of ICSoR. ICSoR is becoming a calendar fixture for the various Sexual Violence response activists, professionals and advocates in different countries to learn and share expertise. RCNI have been honoured to play our part in building this international conference and wish AMCV every success.’
Margarida Medina Martins, AMCV Director said, ‘European citizen’s fundamental rights are nowadays strongly recognized at least theoretically, in the 27. Through the Agenda 2020, the Stockholm Programme and Plan of Action, the Directive establishing Minimum Standards on the Rights, Supporting and Protection on Victims of Crimes and the European Protection Orders, the EU is moving to a harmonization of legislation and procedures.
‘The 4ª International Conference on Survivors of Rape will be a great opportunity for the Scientific Society and the Civil Society intervening in this area to reflect and contribute with their expertise towards an European strategy of services having as reference the CoE combating violence against women: minimum standards for support services and EWL Barometer on Rape in the EU 2013 as well as the EIGE study on sexual violence against women in the EU.
‘AMCV welcomes the ICSoR Conference in Portugal and consider that it will be an added value to the national scientific knowledge and to the political and social awareness on the issue of Rape and Sexual Violence.’   
·         ICSoR was first held in Denmark in 2008, hosted by the University of Aarhus. The 2nd ICSoR was held in 2010 in Netherlands, hosted by the University Medical Centre of Utrecht and the 3rd ICSoR was held in Ireland, hosted by RCNI.

·         RCNI is the National representative body for Rape Crisis Centres in Ireland

·         AMCV is a Portuguese non-governmental organization (NGO),working since 1992 for the promotion of Human Rights, namely Women's, Young People and  Children Rights, against all forms of Gender Violence and Discrimination.
Clíona Saidléar
Policy and Communications Director
Rape Crisis Network Ireland (RCNI)
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Mobile: 087 2196447
Address: RCNI, 4 Prospect Hill, Galway
Twitter: @rcnireland

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