Sex and Money: Gender Budgeting for Justice and Equality - Session at AWID 2012 Forum

2012-04-03 19:11:36 / News read 1560 reading

Budgets are statements of values. Gender budgeting is an important tool to ensure that government spending reflects that government’s commitments to women’s human rights. Share, compare, and learn from gender budgeting work in Thailand, Canada, Poland, and the Philippines. Join the strategy session at AWID 2012 FORUM in Istanbul, Turkey.


Time: April 19th (Day 1) at 4:30PM - 6:00PM


Room: Sutluce III at the Halic Congress Center in Istanbul.



The language: EN






Kate McInturff 


Marivic Raquiza 


Malgorzata Tarasiewicz 


Ranee Hassarungsee 


Sopin JIirakiattikul 


Kathleen Lahey


Asa Gunnarson 


Genoveva Tisheva 


Barbara Adams 




The session will try to answer the following questions:




  • What is your community’s experience with engaging in budgeting processes?
  • What are your objectives in engaging in this process?
  • What are the skills and capacities that feminists need to develop to effectively engage budget processes?
  • What are the opportunities and limits of using gender budgeting to achieve those objectives? What are the contradictions or tensions?
  • What's been your greatest challenge and what strategies have you used to overcome that challenge?




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Tytuł informacji: Sex and Money: Gender Budgeting for Justice and Equality - Session at AWID 2012 Forum
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