Sign a Petition to Stop Violence Against Women in Europe

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[Brussels, 13 March 2012] All over the continent – from Russia to Turkey to Norway – women experience psychological, sexual and physical abuse, including being harassed, beaten, raped, and forced into marriage.

For millions of women, men and children, domestic violence is a daily reality.

European countries are finally taking a stand. Adopted by the Council of Europe in May 2011, the Convention on Preventing and Combating Violence Against Women and Domestic Violence is the first legally binding instrument in the region requiring governments to prevent, stop, and sanction the crime of violence against women.

With the treaty in force, governments would be required to provide financial and human resources to implement comprehensive measures, such as setting up shelters, establishing national helplines, providing counseling services, and monitoring police conduct. This groundbreaking treaty only takes effect when 10 countries have signed and ratified it. While 18 countries have signed, no one has yet ratified the Convention.

Stand with women in Europe. Raise your voice by calling on the 47 Council of Europe member and observer states to sign and ratify this far-reaching Convention.

Sign the petition here.

The petition is initiated by the International Network of Women’s Funds and the women’s funds working in Europe: Bulgarian Fund for Women, Calala Fondo de Mujeres, Ecumenical Women’s Initiative, Filia, FRIDA, Heart & Hand Fund, Mama Cash, Mediterranean Women’s Fund, Reconstruction Women’s Fund, Rosa, Slovak-Czech Women’s Fund, Taso Foundation, Urgent Action Fund, Women Win, Ukrainian Women’s Fund, Women’s Fund for Scotland, and Women’s Fund in Georgia.

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