2013 SAIF Domestic Violence Fellowship at the Law Faculty of the State University of New York at Buffalo

Isabel Marcus

2012-02-13 08:23:03 / News read 2451 reading

Call for Applications for Fall 2013 Award.

An exciting, innovative educational and legal practice-oriented opportunity for a young practicing lawyer from Central Eastern Europe, the CIS, the Balkans, the Caucasus or the Central Asian Republics with a deep interest in domestic violence legal issues.  Preference will be given to a lawyer working with or in a Non-Governmental Organization concerned with domestic violence in their country.  She/he must be committed to continue working in the family violence field in their country after completing the fellowship and must possess a high level of fluency in written and spoken English in order to attend classes and meet with individuals involved in the domestic violence intervention system in our region.


            The fellowship brings the successful applicant to the Law Faculty of the State University of New York at Buffalo ( for four months – the Fall 2013 academic term (beginning in early September – middle of December 2013).  The fellow will work with Professor Suzanne Tomkins, the Director of the Women, Children and Social Justice Law Clinic and her staff ( and Professor Isabel Marcus (the founder of this fellowship  participate in a law school class and legal clinic on Family Violence and be able to observe classes in Human Rights, Family Law, and Alternative Dispute Resolution.  The Domestic Violence Fellow also will spend extensive time with officials in relevant institutions (police, prosecutors, judges in Family Court, and the Integrated Domestic Violence Court), staff in agencies (the Family Justice Center, Child Protective Services and other social work agencies), advocates and organizers in NGOs working on family violence issues (women’s shelters and intervention programs for violent men), and staff in medical and mental health facilities. 


            The successful applicant will be awarded a round-trip airplane ticket, home hospitality with a host family, a stipend of $600 per month for food and other living expenses and books.  She/he will have complete access to the UB law faculty and university libraries, computers, and data bases.


            To apply for this fellowship, send all required items as attachments to NO LATER THAN MARCH 15, 2013:


-       a curriculum vitae (resume) and letter of interest describing yourself including details of your work on domestic violence issues and the reasons you have applied for this fellowship;

-       a letter of recommendation from your NGO with a description of its mission and your contribution to its work or from your present employer;

-       two additional letters of recommendation (if possible from a law school professor and from practicing lawyers or judges who are familiar with your work).  These letters must be on their official stationery and signed.

-       A statement of number of years of English language classes and practice.


            This fellowship is funded by Professor Isabel Marcus in honor of her four grandchildren (Seth Liebowitz, Astra Liebowitz, Iris Pritchard, and Felix Pritchard).




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Tytuł informacji: 2013 SAIF Domestic Violence Fellowship at the Law Faculty of the State University of New York at Buffalo
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