EU-wide Domestic Violence Rules Possible this Year

2011-07-27 05:14:33 / News read 1568 reading


From EUbusiness, 19 July 2011 (SOPOT) - "EU nations may reach a deal later this year granting protection across the 27-member bloc to victims of domestic violence, Poland's justice minister said Tuesday.  


"I'm convinced that this accord will be adopted under the Polish presidency," Krzysztof Kwiatkowski, whose country is at the helm of the EU until December 31, told reporters after talks with fellow ministers in the Baltic resort of Sopot.


EU justice chief Viviane Reding, who took part in the informal meeting, said she also believed the new rules could be finalised before 2012.


Some member states have expressed doubts about a new system proposed by Reding in May to ensure that victims of domestic violence in one country receive similar protection in any of the EU's other nations.


The planned measures include protection of a victim's identity, and restraining orders barring contact by the aggressor even if the victim moves to another EU member state.


The goal is to close legal loopholes that prevent one country's contact-ban from being applied elsewhere, putting the victim at renewed risk."





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Tytuł informacji: EU-wide Domestic Violence Rules Possible this Year
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