New Attempts in Poland to Completely Ban Abortion.

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2011-07-12 09:57:15 / News read 2689 reading

Polish lawmakers decided on the first day of Polish Presidency of the EU Council to press ahead with work on draft legislation banning abortions altogether, even for women who were raped, are carrying deformed foetuses or face health risks.

You can help pressure the Prime Minister, who is also the head of the biggest party currently running for re-election. Send a letter today to the Polish PM to prevent criminalization of abortion. Please send the letter to :

Your Excellency,

I write to express my concern that the draft text for the new bill on
abortion: "The law on changing the Law on family planning, protection of the human fetus and conditions for legal abortion" - to be discussed by the Parliament's Committee by the 1st of September - contains provisions that will result in violations of women's sexual and reproductive rights and health.

The international human rights standard is to liberalize abortion laws to make it safe and accessible to women and thereby lessen maternal mortality related to unsafe abortion. The language used in the draft of the new bill regarding the right to life does not correspond to that used in international and European human rights instruments - to which Poland is also party - as it unconditionally prohibits abortion, thereby leading not to lessening the number of women inducing abortion but only makes it dangerous for women who will undergo clandestine and unsafe abortion. Passing the bill will increase maternal mortality, abortion-related injuries and deaths are likely to be especially high among poor women, who can't afford to travel abroad. As a result, many of them might try self-induced abortions.

It is unacceptable that in the 21st Century, a European country includes in its legislation a provision which directly endangers
women's lives. I trust that you will do your best to ensure that Poland considers reviewing its legislation regarding abortion in a forward-looking legislation, taking the lead in promoting women's sexual and reproductive rights.

Sincerely yours,

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Tytuł informacji: New Attempts in Poland to Completely Ban Abortion.
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