NEWW elected as one of the 2011 Women's Health Heroes

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NEWW is proud to be a part of Our Bodies Ourselves Network.  It is a vibrant international network of social change activists that is fearlessly working to secure ground on health and human rights.


This year the Women’s Health Heroes Contest is dedicated to our network: 


"Thank you for accepting our 2011 Women’s Health Heroes dedication on behalf of your organization.

It is impossible to capture all your strengths and successes in one email. However, Sally and I would like to take a moment to share a little more about each of you with your network partners. These milestones are one of many for which we celebrate and honor your organization this year!



·      Alternative Culture Publishing in Korea, for leading public discourse on sexuality and prioritizing the needs of young Koreans.



·      Anveshi, for reminding us that solutions to the health crisis in India must be situated within a unqiue and complex fabric of family… caste… class… community… state…



·      Armenian Charitable Foundation on Population Development, for bringing affordable – and free – reproductive care to women and girls across Armenia.



·      Cairo Women’s Health Book Collective, for going where few have gone with the first Arabic version of Our Bodies, Ourselves that included issues generally taboo in conservative Egyptian society.



·      Chinese Women’s Health Network in China, for standing up to government regulation with an “underground” adaptation of Our Bodies, Ourselves after the first edition was censored.



·      Gender Alliance for Development Center, for reaching youth in Albania with information and skills they can use to make safe reproductive and sexual choices.



·      Groupe de Recherche sur les Femmes et les Lois au Senegal in Senegal, where beauty implies largeness and fair skin, for empowering women to like and care for their natural bodies.



·      Mavi Kalem in Turkey, for ingeniously using off- and on-line platforms to engage and mentor young activists in the region.



·      National Women’s Studies and Information Centre, for envisioning and helping lay the ground for Moldova’s struggle for human rights.



·      Network of East-West Women in post-communist Poland, for nurturing one the largest and most respected networks of human rights activists in the region.  



·      The Nuestros Cuerpos, Nuestras Vidas collaboration, for articulating unique and common ground in the experiences of Latinas across the Caribbean, North, Central and South America.



·      Sanlaap and Manavi, for responding to violence in South Asian communities in India and the US, and a Bangla adaptation of Our Bodies, Ourselves – a first for Bengali literature!



·      Shokado, for reclaiming language and sexuality for all Japanese women and girls by coining new terms for body parts previously written with Chinese characters that convey shame.



·      Tanzania Home Economics Association in Tanzania, for developing a Kiswahili resource based on Our Bodies, Ourselves that will reach the entire East Africa region.



·      Tibetan Nuns Project, for protecting, educating and empowering Tibetan nuns fleeing persecution and living in exile (and poverty) in India.



·   Women and Their Bodies in Israel, for pioneering a peace building initiative between Palestinian and Israeli women that is also publishing Arabic and Jewish adaptations of Our Bodies, Ourselves.



·    Women for Empowerment, Development, and Gender Reform, for bringing health information based on Our Bodies, Ourselves to 1.5 million women, girls and men in rural Nigeria.



·    Women’s Health Education Network in Thailand, for noting there is no word for “sexuality” in Thai and having the guts to do something about it.

·      Women’s Health Project in South Africa, for boldly tackling the impact of apartheid on women and girls in their Women’s Health Handbook.



·     Women’s Health Promotion Center, for giving voice and visibility to women and girls brutalized by ethnic conflict and resulting sexual violence in Serbia.



·     Women’s Health Initiative in Bulgaria, for confronting stigma associated with childlessness in a pro-natalist society and demanding supportive infertility treatment for women that do want it.



·    Women’s Health in St Petersburg, for helping establish the first family planning center in Russia and youth clinics that use the Russian adaptation of Our Bodies, Ourselves as a key resource.



·    Women’s Rehabilitation Center in Nepal, for refusing to back down on their demand for reproductive rights in the recently democratized country’s new constitution.



·    Women Unlimited in India, for being one of few South Asian “feminist” publishers that also published an Our Bodies, Ourselves edition for women and girls across the region.



OBOS is privileged to be in your company!"


NEWW is proud to be a part of this amazing network of individuals and organizations around the world!



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