Dr. Musimbi Kanyoro Named CEO of the Global Fund for Women

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2011-05-23 19:01:46 / News read 1942 reading


After an intensive and thoughtful search,  Dr. Musimbi Kanyoro was appointed as the new President and CEO of the Global Fund for Women


Musimbi will join Global Fund August 1.

“I am delighted and honored to be joining the great leaders who have steered the Global Fund for nearly 25 years and I count on their support to continue to grow the vision together with the current leadership of the Board and staff. I bring passion, commitment, faith and skills that I have acquired over the years and most recently from the David and Lucile Packard Foundation.”

As a passionate advocate for the promotion of health, development and human rights for women, children and minority groups, Musimbi’s experience reflects Global Fund values, grantmaking philosophy and commitment to philanthropy that emphasizes social change as an outcome. She possesses extensive experience managing international non-governmental organizations, global programs and ecumenical agencies in cross-cultural contexts. The Women’s Funding Network recognized Musimbi’s contributions to philanthropy, women’s funds and gender equity with the 2011 Changing the Face of Philanthropy Award at its annual conference last month.

“Musimbi’s visionary leadership style is compelling and innovative,” says Board Chair Leila Hessini. “Over the past 30+years, she has worked thoughtfully and strategically to integrate women’s human rights and progressive social change. She joins the Global Fund for Women at a pivotal time as we embark on a new and bold phase of strategic philanthropy to support women’s leadership and women-led solutions to the most challenging issues facing our world today.”

Musimbi was born in Kenya and has lived and worked in many parts of the world. She currently serves as Director of the Packard Foundation’s Population and Reproductive Health Program. Her contributions to the Packard Foundation include targeted support to women’s movements, leadership and girl’s education. Musimbi believes that well educated girls and empowered women make better decisions about their own health and that of their families and children.(...)

Wherever she has served, Musimbi has embodied the values of the Global Fund. She was first woman from a developing country to head the World YWCA, the largest women’s membership organization in the world operating in more than 125 countries. During her 10 years as General Secretary (CEO) Musimbi led a $15 million global fundraising campaign, grew the organization’s financial and human resources, partnerships and programs. At a critical time of the feminization of HIV and AIDS, she mobilized the organization to prioritize advocacy for women’s reproductive health, and address specifically the growing impact of HIV and AIDS on women. She made the first strong partnership with women living with HIV and was a founding member the UNAIDS’s program “Global Coalition of women and Aids.”

Musimbi has a special commitment to women’s leadership in decision-making and chaired the NGO participation on this issue for the Beijing Women’s Conference. She champions young women’s leadership and in places where she has worked, she has always spearheaded policies and practices to ensure the representation of young women (under 30) on local, national and global boards. Musimbi is absolutely committed to shared leadership and honoring of diversity.

Her commitment to ensuring women’s leadership was front and center in her role as Executive Secretary for Women in Church and Society at the Lutheran World Federation (LWF). There she developed the seven-year Plan of Action for Women, guided social justice programs for women and led the LWF delegation to the Fourth World Conference on Women, Beijing, China (1995).



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