Gender Commission of the Union of Baltic Cities Meeting in Gdansk

2011-04-25 16:55:33 / News read 2022 reading

The seminar entitled „Gdansk – City of  Gender Equality” and a meeting of the Gender Commission of the UBC took place in Gdansk between April 7  and 8, 2011.

The seminar on gender issues was run by experts of the Gender Commission and was addressed to local politicians, staff of the city hall and nongovernmental organizations.  The seminar began with a mapping of the situation of women in Gdansk prepared by gender experts from Gdansk University. The major goal of the seminar was to lay the ground for improvement of the situation of women in Gdansk. Several aspects of equality were discussed i.e. a need for city planning which would take into consideration needs of both women and men, opposing domestic violence and improving situation of its victims and designing a labor market that would be equally attractive to women and men.  A special guest of the meeting was Mauella Portier – Project Officer from Citizenship Council of European Municipalities and Regions who spoke on the European Charter for Equality of Women and Men in Local Life.  Experts from Scandinavian countries presented examples of activities at the local level aiming at improvement of women’s lives. The participants of the meeting visited two local NGOs: Network of East-West Woman and Regional Information and Resource Center.



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Tytuł informacji: Gender Commission of the Union of Baltic Cities Meeting in Gdansk
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