Cécile Gréboval Appointed as new Secretary General of EWL

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2011-04-16 07:56:28 / News read 2183 reading

The European Women’s Lobby is delighted to announce the appointment today of Cécile Gréboval as its new Secretary General, with immediate effect.


An internal candidate, Cécile brings to the post more than 15 years of experience within the EWL Secretariat in a variety of positions, and has already twice served as Interim Secretary General of the organisation.

Announcing the appointment, EWL President Brigitte Triems said that she was ‘delighted that Cécile has accepted the position’. ‘Over the years, Cécile has demonstrated sustained expertise, professionalism and commitment to the mission of the EWL working towards the full realisation of women’s rights and equality between women and men. I am convinced that taking on these new responsibilities, Cécile will make an outstanding contribution to the further strengthening of the European Women’s Lobby.’

A French national, Cécile holds a master degree in European Public Policies from the Institute for Political Studies in Strasbourg, and an academic background spanning also law and gender studies. She lived in France, The Netherlands and Germany before moving to Brussels.

Cécile joined the EWL in 1996. Starting as Information Officer, she has occupied different positions in the EWL Secretariat since then. Among other things, Cécile coordinated the EWL Amsterdam Treaty Campaign, the Young Women’s Project and most recently, the EWL 50/50 Campaign for Democracy, and has been responsible for policy issues related to European gender equality legislation, women in decision-making and women’s rights in an international context. From January 2009 until her appointment as Secretary General, Cécile held the post of Programme Director with a variety of horizontal strategic and management tasks in support of the Secretary General, including supporting and coordinating the implementation of the annual Work Programme, liaising with elected members, advising and producing strategic policy input, contributing to fundraising and representing the organisation externally.


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Tytuł informacji: Cécile Gréboval Appointed as new Secretary General of EWL
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