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INVITATION to the conference of the project “Equality through difference. Roma women’s access to the labor market” ROMANI WOMEN FOR EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES, June 30 – July 2, 2011



13th of March, 2011

The team of the project „Equality through difference. Roma women’s access to the labor

market” is honored to invite you to its conference on Romani women for equal opportunities to be

organized in Timisoara, Romania between June 30 and July 2, 2011.

The project is implemented by Roma Women’s Association ‘For Our Children’ from

Timisoara in a partnership with Foundation Desire, Association Parudimos, National Agency for

Roma, Mayor’s Office Timisoara, and Foundation Autonomia from Hungary. The project is cofinanced

by the Sectorial Operational Program for Human Resources Development 2007 – 2013

“Invest in people!” European Social Fund []. Our major objective was the

promotion of equal opportunities and non-discrimination by different means and among diverse social

categories. We did not only aimed to raise public awareness about these principles, but, through

activities for social inclusion, our teams also offered services that empowered disadvantaged Roma

women’s and youth’s effort to gain access to the labor market. We consider that the assurance of equal

opportunities has to be considered at the intersection of multiple axes, which generate inequality 

(gender, ethnicity, social status, age, sexual orientation), and needs to be integrated into each of the

sectorial public policies. The perspective of vulnerable Roma women makes possible such an

approach because at least for two reasons: through their experiences one may understand the

functioning of multiple and intersectional discrimination; learning about their problems, one may

realize that these might be solved only by integrated actions. That is why our conference discusses

about equal opportunities from the point of view of Romani women. And last, but not least, the

conference offers a frame for demonstrating that Roma women do not fight „only” for their particular

interests, but they aim to put into practice for the sake of the whole society universal values such as

equal opportunities.

The aims of the conference „Romani women for equal opportunities” are: to promote the

results of the project “Equality through difference. Roma women’s access to the labor market”; and to

create a space for an interdisciplinary, interregional and transnational dialogue on social issues

addressed by our project, too.

Hoping that you are going to accept our invitation for the conference, on the base of the draft

program from below, please let us know til the 30th of April 2011 about your option regarding the

section on which you would like to have your presentation, and as well as send us its title and a 300

word abstract. Please use one of the e-mail addresses of the organizers’ contact persons: Lazar

Theofild from the Roma Women’s Association ‘For Our Children’ , or Noémi Magyari from Foundation Desire ).




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