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The Institute of International Education (IIE), on behalf of Rolex SA, is conducting outreach for pre-applications for the 2012 Rolex Awards for Enterprise.


The Rolex Awards for Enterprise aim to encourage a spirit of enterprise in individuals around the world by supporting outstanding efforts in areas that advance human knowledge and well-being. This biennial competition recognizes and awards five Laureates for their groundbreaking projects that benefit their fields of endeavor, their communities, and the wider world.


The Rolex Awards provide financial assistance and recognition to individuals embarking on new ventures or carrying out ongoing projects. The program recognizes the five Laureates’ spirit of enterprise and innovation by awarding each US$100,000, a gold Rolex chronometer, official recognition at an awards ceremony, and the benefit of international publicity.


The Rolex Awards invite pre-applications from individuals of any age, nationality or background whose projects fall into the following areas:

a.. Applied technology

b.. Science and Health

c.. Exploration and Discovery

d.. Environment

e.. Cultural Heritage


While the final deadline is May 31, 2011, applicants are urged to complete the pre-application early.


Projects must expand knowledge of our world, improve the quality of life on the planet, or contribute to the betterment of humankind. Recent Laureate projects include: combining the protection of the Amazon forest with human needs (environment); transferring unused medical supplies to the developing world (science and health); crossing and exploring Arctic waters to raise awareness of global warming (exploration and discovery); and establishing a traveling school to revive a vanishing culture (cultural heritage).


For more information about the Rolex Awards and to learn about the projects of past Laureates, please visit the program’s website:


More information available here:

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