"South Baltic - Violence Free Zone" - notes after the conference

2011-03-01 14:01:29 / News read 1396 reading

On 21st of February, in Gdańsk took place final conference of the project “South Baltic area – Violence Free Zone”. The conference was organized by Network of East-West Women, NEWW-Poland and Ateneum University. Project “South Baltic area – Violence Free Zone” is part-financed by European Regional Development Fund.

The goal of the conference was to present main achievements of the project and to present how big problem domestic violence is. Guests from Lithuania, Sweden, Kaliningrad, Poland and Brussels presented various approaches to the issue of domestic violence against women.

The conference was opened by the speech of Prof Waldemar Tłokiński, the Rector af Ateneum University. Following was the speech of Mrs. Malgorzata Tarasiewicz, Executive Director of Network of East-West Women, NEWW-Poland.

The conference started with presentation of the project and social campaigns in partners countries. Prezenters talked about the project report “Domestic violence in South Baltic Region” (available here).

In the conference participated not only guest from countries, which took part in the Project, but also from Brussels and representing of Polish Universities. Ateneum university was represented by Barbara Kijewska, PhD, who talked about political background of legal aspects of domestic violence in Poland as well as the requirements of European Union regarding counteracting domestic violence. Also Pierrette Pape, from European Womens’ Lobby talked about European Union and it’s approach to the issue of domestic violence.

Very interesting was presentation by Elin Copcutt, who spoke about the Eve Lundgrens’ theory on Normalization of violence in abusive families.

The last person from the first panel was Prof. Giedre Purvaneckiene, from University of Vilnius, who talked abort political solutions regarding domestic violence in Lithuania.

Invited guests from Polish institutions and organizations talked about procedures and programs of fighting domestic violence.  Magdalena Szerszyńska from Municipal Social Assistance Centre in Gdansk presented “Gdansk Program to Counteract Domestic Violence for years 2010-1013” and Krzysztof Sarzała from Crisis Intervention Centre in Gdansk talked about “Network for Victim Support in Gdansk”.

The final presentation during the conference was made by Zbigniew Kowalczyk Police Officer from City Police Headquarters and  Magdalena Falkowska Police Officer from Voivodship Police Headquarters, who talked about Police procedures for counteracting domestic violence and presented some ideas how to cooperate more effectively.


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Tytuł informacji: "South Baltic - Violence Free Zone" - notes after the conference
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