First Women Inspiring Europe Calendar - 2011

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What does Francesca Brezzi, an Italian philosopher, Seyran Ates, a German lawyer of Turkish origin, Lena Olving, a Swedish top manager, Vaili Maria Jämsä, a Finnish farmer, Cristina Gallach, in the communications department of the European Council and Rita Vella, a Maltese with muscular dystrophy have in common?

They are featured in the first of the Women Inspiring Europe 2011 Calendar

The other women featured in the 2011 edition come from as different places as Great Britain, Spain and Portugal to Poland, Bulgaria and Romania. They include Maria de Lourdes Pintasilgo, a former Portuguese Prime minister and Chrissie Wellington, a British triathlon record holder.

With their different origins, ages and background, the calendar each month tells the story of a woman's personal efforts to break the invisible "walls" that many still face in Europe today. What the calendar shows is the extent of the challenges faced by women and how much more needs to be done to make Europe a better and more inclusive society, but also how a single woman's efforts can make such a huge difference, no matter where she lives, her upbringing or her level of education.

Each month a lengthier article on the women of the month will be published on EIGE's website.

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