Stop Violence Against Women in South Baltic Region

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2010-12-06 16:26:50 / News read 1698 reading

NEWW Poland has launched a Tv spot urging to stop domestic violence against women.

The advert was created as a part of the project "South Baltic Area - Violence Free Zone".



The project "South Baltic area - Violence Free Zone" is answering a need for cooperation and exchange of good practices on ways of opposing and preventing domestic violence against women between civil society organizations, local governments and institutions like police or crisis intervention centres. The main goal of the project is to declare and create "Violence against women free zone" in the South Baltic Region. Our main goal is to make our region friendlier and safer for women. The countries from this region have different historical, social or political background but there is a common problem, namely - Violence Against Women.


Authors of the advertisement are Grażyna Głogowska and Viktoria Marinov, camera: Michał Gościk, photos: Malwina Niedzielska.


The movie will be broadcasted in regional TV in Poland, Lithuania and Sweden, as well as in the internet.


The advert is available here:

or at the YouTube website:

Film #1:
Film #2:



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Tytuł informacji: Stop Violence Against Women in South Baltic Region
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