Stand up against stereotypes this Christmas!

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As the holiday season approaches, children everywhere are starting to respond to the omnipresent advertising and put pressure on their parents for the latest toys. For little girls, it’s super-skinny barbies, dolls’ houses, princess costumes and make-up sets that they might well be pestering for. Little boys are likely to be asking for superheroes, swords and guns. Challenge the stereotypes and help us promote positive role models for our children!

In the UK, the Pinkstinks campaign challenges the culture of pink which invades every aspect of girls’ lives. Pinkstinks runs small targeted campaigns against companies and advertisers promoting sexist messages to children. Take inspiration and get active in your country!

  • Name and shame the worst marketing promoting gender stereotypes
  • Identify, share and promote new role models for girls

See the Pinkstinks campaign:

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