2nd EUROPEAN CONFERENCE ‘From Daddy Quotas to Care Parity: For Equality, Equal Leave Rights’

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The Spanish Platform for Equal and Non - Transferable Parental Leave organizing the 2nd EUROPEAN CONFERENCE, where all organizations and individuals interested in supporting progress towards gender equality can converge: from feminists, to egalitarian men groups, as well as youth groups, trade unions, civil society organizations, members of the Spanish Parliament, public administration and the academic community.


The Spanish Platform for Equal and Non - Transferable Parental Leavepromotes an open debate to address the consequences of existing inequality, and, furthermore, the opportunity and convenience to incorporate gender equality goals into the political agenda.


This debate goes beyond labor rights to encompass the larger question regarding what kind of society we want to live in. Therefore, it has a special relevance and urgency given the present political context. Indeed, the European Parliament has just voted to extend Maternity Leave to a minimum of 20 weeks, whereas it does not establish a minimum period for Paternity Leave. This institutional agenda provides a unique opportunity to reconsider which are the right objectives and which are the adequate means to achieve them.


On the other hand, among the Scandinavian countries the debate has been revived as a result of the last decade reforms, particularly in Iceland. In Spain, this is a key moment since the conference will be held 20 days ahead of the long-awaited implementation of the Spanish Law (9/2009) extending the Paternity Leave to four weeks from January 1st., 2011, now suddenly postponed until 2012 despite many dads and moms who were already planning the forthcoming benefits.


Moreover, in the context of economic crisis and reforms (at) in the labor market, as well as the current demographic crisis and the need for a sustainable development, there is an urgent need to shift towards full equality. Equal and non-transferable Parental Leaves, fully paid, are the hallmark of this change.

On Friday, December 10th, the First Meeting of the European Network ‘PLENT (Platform for Equal & Non-Transferable Parental Leave) will be held, with participants from different countries representing social organizations working together to support this claim, as an emblem of the fight for total equality.

Venue: Feminist Organizations Headquarters. 44, Barquillo St., 2nd floor, Left, Madrid.

Participants: Representatives from the European Network PLENT and the organizations members of PPIINA.

Participating Countries: Spain, Sweden, Iceland, Denmark, Poland and Israel (plus others to be confirmed).

Languages: Spanish and English (consecutive translation)


If you would like to participate, please send an email to the following address:



More information and the programm of the event is available at



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