MIGS Launches Information Campaign on Gender-based Violence among Young People

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Within the framework of the Daphne III project ‘Perspective’, the Mediterranean Institute of Gender Studies [MIGS] is launching an awareness raising campaign on gender-based violence in interpersonal relationships.


The main aim of the campaign is to inform young people and the general public on the different forms of gender based violence as experienced in intimate and other interpersonal adolescent relationships. The campaign with the main slogan ‘Violence is never justified! Let’s build healthy relationships today!’ aims to challenge the culture of ‘victim blaming’ that places responsibility for acts of violence on the victim rather than the perpetrator.  It also calls on young people to assume responsibility and take action to combat those behaviours and social perceptions that form the root cause of gender-based violence, and to build healthy relationships based on mutual respect, tolerance, and equality.


The media campaign consists of radio and TV spots that will be aired during November 2010, as well as the production of promotional material that will be disseminated among secondary school students and youth groups.  During this period MIGS will also be visiting secondary schools in Nicosia to inform and sensitize students on gender-based violence and its devastating effects on their current and future relationships.


The campaign’s media sponsors are Radio Proto and To Periodiko.


To view the campaign’s TV spot please click here.


For more information please contact Georgina Christou at


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Tytuł informacji: MIGS Launches Information Campaign on Gender-based Violence among Young People
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