Litigation Surgery on the Right to Education in Central and Eastern Europe - 9 - 10 December 2010, London

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INTERIGHTS is pleased to announce a call for applications to lawyers who would like to participate in a forthcoming regional litigation surgery on the right to education. All applicants are required to submit for discussion current or potential cases involving violations of the right to education focusing on the themes detailed in the application form.


The objective of the planned litigation surgery is to identify and provide substantive support to cases on the right to education that could be pursued before domestic, regional or international fora and to build relationships with lawyers undertaking such cases.


The litigation surgery will be held in London from 9 to 10 December 2010.


INTERIGHTS aims to enforce human rights through law, providing protection and redress in particular regions and on issues of strategic focus. It has conducted extensive litigation before domestic, regional and international courts and tribunals including the European Court of Human Rights, the European Social Rights Committee and the UN Human Rights Committee. It has achieved this both through representation and co-representation of victims, third party interventions and the provision of advice and materials to local partners. In addition, it has held numerous conferences, judicial colloquia and training workshops during the last two decades with members of the legal profession and civil society in many countries in Europe, Africa, South Asia, the Caribbean and the Pacific. As part of our work we hold litigation surgeries - meetings focusing on the consideration of cases linked to specific themes - during which strategic litigation of those issues are explored. INTERIGHTS works on a range of thematic priority areas including the right to education as part of its economic and social rights programme.


Criteria for eligibility:


- The call for applications is open to lawyers, in private practice, or working for or affiliated to NGOs, who either advocate, research or litigate the right to education in Central and Eastern Europe. A maximum of 12 participants will be selected;


- The lawyers must have a demonstrated interest in and/or knowledge of right to education and/or related issues;


- The lawyers must have a demonstrated interest in and/or knowledge of international and regional human rights law;


- The lawyers must be involved in, or considering, litigating a case or cases that address right to education violations. With their application, they must submit at least one case study of a case that they are litigating or intend to litigate that could be discussed during the litigation surgery;


- The cases submitted must involve the violation of a fundamental right protected in a national constitution, European Convention on Human Rights, Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights or any other relevant international human rights instrument.


- The complainant must be willing to have the case litigated before their national courts and, if domestic remedies have been exhausted, to have the case referred to the European Court of Human Rights or other applicable treaty body.


- The following suggested themes are a guide for the type of case that could be submitted with the application but should not be viewed as an exhaustive list:

* Discrimination in access to education on any of the recognised grounds, including but not limited to ethnicity, gender or sexuality;

* Failures to ensure equality in access to and enjoyment of the right to education such as not taking the views of certain minorities into consideration in developing policies on curricula and languages of instruction to ensure they are culturally appropriate;

* Arbitrary exclusion without recourse to legal or other forms of review;

* Discriminatory content of curricula and materials, e.g. homophobic content;

* Lack of effective regulation of private institutions;

* Failure to implement national plans and policies

* Failure to respect the dignity of children in education, such as corporal punishment in schools.


- Applicants are particularly encouraged to submit cases intersecting the above issues and the rights of members of vulnerable groups such as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transsexual and intersex people; women; and people with disabilities. - Applicants are encouraged to submit more than one case.

- The working language for the meeting will be English.


Closing date for applications: Friday 29 October 2010


How to apply: Please complete the application form (available at: and submit it together with your case summarie(s) to Arpine Avetisyan at


If you should require any further information please contact Iain Byrne at


Shortlisted applicants will be notified soon after the closing date.

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