New British Council and Gdańsk 2016 project - free trainings and grants for CSO and informal groups

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We live in a world that seeks to be globally connected and locally engaged, where people recognise their potential and exercise their responsibility to engage with others in the development of their communities at local and international level - a world of ‘Global Citizens’. Our world has created greater interdependence and also an increased need for communities to value each other, especially where difference may have caused tensions. It calls for citizens to play an active role, able to take informed decisions about their lives, communities and workplaces. Research shows that “active citizens” tend to be happier and that active citizenship contributes greatly to community cohesion.



This programme aims to contribute to social change within communities and sustainable development by establishing an enduring global network of leaders who as influencers in their communities dialogue, learn and act together to address global issues. It works with leaders of youth, women’s, cultural, recreational or religious groups, with NGOs or local governments, to build on their own skills and models.

It also aims to increase the contribution of those (Motivators) who already play a role in their local communities, through civic engagement with community-based organisations and projects. It consequently supports grassroots initiatives around the world, in turn promoting community cohesion and cross-community understanding.

The programme will assist the growth of active citizens by reinforcing a strong sense of local culture and identity, understanding of local community, a sense of responsibility towards sustainable development, values for working effectively with difference, and by developing project planning and management skills.


By working with community leaders and Motivators and through them with their organisations and networks. This will have a strong influence on cultural relations in society at grassroots and national level.

•    Local training workshops that focus on global citizenship, working effectively with difference to achieve better understanding of the local community and global interdependency.
•    Social Action Projects, planned and delivered by the participants based on what they learned and where they feel they can make a positive impact in their own community and communities they interact with.
•    International exchanges and networking provide participants with opportunities to experience and learn from international practise, especially in areas of common interest. Community leaders themselves will meet in annual events to share best practice, develop new thinking, and strengthen cross-community and cross-border partnerships.
Active Citizens was launched in 2009 and is currently running in 20 countries in Europe, as well as in Africa and Asia.


Positive British experience, both in the local and global dimension, within the scope of active citizenship, social dialogue, and multiculturalism, have been incorporated into the training programme in the form of case studies and video materials to be analysed. In addition, the UK will host a series of international meetings for activists and facilitators representing the countries participating in the project.


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Tytuł informacji: New British Council and Gdańsk 2016 project - free trainings and grants for CSO and informal groups
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