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"Arguably, the ''real women'' concept began with Anita Roddick's 1997 Body Shop campaign featuring Ruby, the size-16 Barbie doll, and the tagline, ''There are 3 billion women who don't look like supermodels and only eight who do''. That year, then Cosmopolitan editor Mia Freedman instigated the mag's famed ''Body Love'' policy, allowing ''real women'' of sizes 6 to 16 to feature in fashion stories."

The Body Shop does not use models who are very young or thin, nor do they extensively retouch their model shots. They always ensure their models look as natural and realistic as possible and do not digitally alter or distort the true image of the model.

The main motto of the campaign is: "The Body Shop doesn’t want to change the way you look. We want to change the way you feel about the way you look".

"Self-esteem is truly the route to revolution. We are not in the habit of making the connection between self-esteem and democracy, dignity, political activism and freedom of sexual expression – but in the future we will be." said ANITA RODDICK 1997 Full Voice Magazine

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