"South Baltic Violence Free Zone" - seminar in Sweden

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On the 8th of April, in Ronneby, Sweden, took place third and last one seminar scheduled for the project “South Baltic area – Violence Free Zone”. The subject of the seminar was “Children as a crime of domestic violence”. Participants talked about the rising numbers of children victims and institutional and non-institutional ways of help.

Our Lithuanian partner: Jurgita Cinskiene presented a speech about “Safety at home, in school and in the street” where she discussed national and international legal acts regarding domestic violence and violence against children in family environment. Mona Olausson spoke about “Children victims of violence”, she presented numbers and statistics from Scandinavian countries. Polish representatives, Police Officers: Magdalena Falkowska and Zbigniew Kowalczyk presented Polish intervention system in domestic violence cases called “The Blue Card”. They also presented procedures and means to fight domestic violence in the Pomerania region.

Next representative was Ylva Sarnmark, who is a consultant of gender equality issues. She made an introduction to the Swedish gender equality policy. Very interesting was presentation of Marie Gustaffson, who is a trained social worker and domestic violence survivor. She talked about her live in a violent relationship and her fight to survive.

After the break there was a series of presentation of trained and experienced psychologists, like Ida Manson, who works with children victims of violence and who spoke about her organization which helps victims. Extremely important and interesting was speech of Yalila Castro, who works with perpetrators of domestic violence in Norway. She talked about culturally sensible approach in the area of domestic violence. After that the participants listened to the presentation of Asa Kallstrom Cater, who is psychologist working with children living with family violence. Her speech was deep an engaged attempt to understand the impact family violence has on children.

The main conclusion from those presentations was thet family violence, even if it is not directly aimed at children, has powerful impact on their psychological and physical wellbeing.

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Tytuł informacji: "South Baltic Violence Free Zone" - seminar in Sweden
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