Remembering Maria Kaczyńska

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In a tragic plane crash near Smoleńsk died the First Lady Maria Kaczyńska. She was neither a politician nor  an official nevertheless she wasn’t afraid to publicly voice her personal opinions. 



She  defended the compromise reached in the debate on the Anti-abortion Law at a time when many politicians demanded that the law should become stricter. In 2007 she supported an appeal issued by women in the media that the article of the constitution dealing with abortion should be left unchanged. She openly supported in vitro fertilisation. On billboards throughout the country her image endorsed an initiative which promoted mammography. She lent her support to the Raspuda Valley activists. These were her personal views. But they were an important contribution to a public debate.



 On the 17th March 2009 Maria Kaczyńska was awarded an order of ‘Ambassador for Development of Disease Prevention in Poland 2009’   for her involvement in cancer prevention, helping to improve the circumstances of the disabled, prevention of child abuse, and for her involvement in environmental  issues.This order is awarded by the ‘Academy of Health and Beauty’ foundation, the Permanent UN Mission in Poland and the World Health Organization.



Maria  Kaczyńska was born in 1943 in Machowo. Her second hometown was Sopot. She studied in Trójmiasto1; in 1976 she met her future husband Lech; she got married and it is there that their only daughter  Marta was born.



1.      ‘Trójmiasto’ is the name given to three neighbouring cities on the north-western coast of Poland: Gdynia, Gdańsk and Sopot.



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