South Baltic Programme Seminary in Kretinga, Lithuania

News author: Agnieszka Nowak
Source of news: NEWW Poland
2010-01-06 11:11:51 / News read 2266 reading

The subject of the seminary was ‘Local and international networks. Their effectiveness solving the problem of domestic violence’


The main subject of the discussion was creation of local and international networks between organizations and institutions fighting agains domestic violence against women. Three appearances were presented by Mona Olausson from Karlshamn Women Shelter, Sweden, Jurgita Cinskiene from Women Training and Education Centre in Kretinga, Lithuania and Agnieszka Nowak from Network of East-West Women, Poland. Panellists presented statistics regarding domestic violence against women, and ways of connecting work of different local organizations working with this issue. Polish presentation was about the mass media influencing public opinion about domestic violence. The Police Inspector Magdalena Falkowska from Police Headquarters in Gdańsk presented the “Blue Card” procedure, which apply to domestic violence cases in Pomorskie voivodeship, as an example of good practice. Afternoon meetings and workshops were devoted to analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of the networking. The main advantages are definitely the possibility of exchange of good practices and knowledge as well as reinforcement of actions. The most common disadvantage is lack of funds for such practices and exchange. During the second day of the visit, there were study visits in the following institutions: Women Training and Education Centre In Kretinga, in Municipal of Kretinga, were the city and district of Kretinga were presented. Later on participant visited the Police Headquarters In Kretinga, where they learned about work of the Police team responsible for reacting when there are domestic violence issues, and were shown the movie about police work in Lithuania. The next visit was to Domestic Violence Victims Shelter in Klajpeda, where women victims of violence can come and got help and a shelter. The last element of the meeting was visit to Centre of Psychological and Social Help for Victims of Violence. During the visit Swedish and Polish guests could see the cities of Kretinga and Klajpeda, as well as were participated in folk evening, during which they were acquainted with Lithuanian culture and customs.

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Tytuł informacji: South Baltic Programme Seminary in Kretinga, Lithuania
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