Women Agains Violence Europe "Country Report 2008. A right for protection and support?"

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WAVE – Women against Violence Europe – is the European Network connecting Women’s Organisations working in the field of Violence against Women. It was established in 1994 and currently consists of approximately 4000 women’s help services (women’s shelters, women’s counselling centers and –networks as well as women’s helplines). WAVE operates in 47 European countries including EU and Council of Europe Member Countries. The core of WAVE is so called Focal Points, which are WAVE partner/member organizations. In the meantime WAVE has already grown to 91 Focal Points. For years now, WAVE has offered training seminars focusing on violence against women and their children for various professional groups (such as social workers, justice system, police, media, health system). Through long-term networking and exchange of experiences, WAVE has achieved an overview of the situation of violence against women in Europe. WAVE strives in this country report 2008 “A Right for Protection and Support” now to provide a reality check on services and women’s help services for women and their children affected by violence in Europe, as well as to collect relevant statistics and data concerning the prevalence of violence against women. Is it a postcode-lottery for women affected by violence to find specific and empowering women’s help services, for getting a safe place and accurate support? How much are ideals in the form of international recommendations, signed by EU and CoE member states implemented, and what still needs to be done? These are the questions this country report aims toclarify. The overview on women’s help services and the situation on violence against women aim to be a source for various target groups such as NGOs and policy makers. The full report is available at:

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Tytuł informacji: Women Agains Violence Europe "Country Report 2008. A right for protection and support?"
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