Power to Change

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Power to Change is a new European resource to help victims of domestic violence. It is a practical guide to running support groups and self-help groups with victims and survivors of domestic violence.

About The Power to Change

Domestic violence is a widespread problem affecting as many as 1 in 4 women in their lifetimes and can have long-term effects. Many women experience loss of confidence and low self-esteem as a result of being in an abusive relationship, and self help support groups – based on the principles of building self-esteem and empowerment - are an important addition to the range of existing specialist services, including refuges.

The Power to Change manual provides a programme of education and support in a group setting to women who are, or have been, in abusive relationships. The manual also gives detailed information about how to set up such support groups safely including checklists for facilitators, who have a central role in making the sessions safe, supportive and inclusive. The manual has been tested through consultation with a practitioners and service users across the five countries. It will be a valuable resource for specialist staff working in existing specialist services for victims of domestic and sexual violence across Europe, as well as relevant specialists with expert domestic violence knowledge working in statutory and other organisations, such as health and social care.


Background to The Power to Change

Women’s Aid joined together with NANE in Hungary, Associazione Artemisi in Italy, MTÜ Naiste Varjupaik in Estonia and Associacao de Mulheres Contra a Violencia in Portugal to create a unique resource that draws on their collective experience. The guide was funded by the European Commission's Daphne initiative.

Power to Change is avaialble on:

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