Gender and Migration

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Various migration studies demonstrate that motivations as well as routes of migrants are gender specific, their integration into host societies is shaped by varying mechanisms and their socially constructed gender identities undergo significant changes as a reaction to migration experiences.

Contributions should focus on the gendered character of migration taking into account intesections with other categories of difference such as ethnicity, class or age and nationality.

Alice Szczepanikova, theme editor. She can be contacted at



Inserting Feminism in Transnational Migration Studies
22. 5. 09 | Rhacel Salazar Parreñas

“I don’t want to have a boss over my head”: Changing patterns of paid domestic work among Albanian women in Athens
15. 4. 08 | Angeliki Athanasopoulou

Binational Marriages and Czech Immigration Policy: Sorting Truth from Fiction?
15. 2. 08 | Marie Jelínková, Alice Szczepaniková

Crossing Borders and Shifting Boundaries of Belonging in Post-Wall Europe. A Gender Lens
8. 1. 08 | Mirjana Morokvasic

Bosnian refugee women in (re)settlement: gender relations and social mobility
16. 11. 07 | Barbara Franz

The Lady and the Maid: Racialised Gender Relations in Greek-Cypriot Households
16. 11. 07 | Ramona Lenz

Consent Dilemmas - Contextualising the Trafficking of African, Asian and Eastern European Women for Prostitution
11. 10. 06 | Victor Nnamdi Opara

Gender Dimension of the New Bulgaria's Migration - Comments on Empirical Data
12. 4. 06 | Rossitsa Rangelova

Shuttle Female Migration in an Enlarged Europe
12. 4. 06 | Germana D’Ottavio

Life in the twilight zone: Migration, transnationality and gender in the private household
30. 3. 06 | Helma Lutz

Migration as Gendered and Gendering Process: A Brief Overview of the State of Art and a Suggestion for Future Directions in Migration Research
28. 3. 06 | Alice Szczepanikova

‘Fake’ Marriages as a Threat for the Nation – Migrant Sex Workers in Cyprus
21. 10. 05 | Ramona Lenz

Gendered experiences in migration from Russia to Hungary in the 1990s
21. 10. 05 | Angelina Zueva

Research Reports and Studies

INTERFACE - Immigrants and National Integration Strategies: Developing a Trans-European Framework for Analysing Cultural and Employment-Related Integration
3. 10. 08

A special collection of on-line articles on Gendering border crossings in Re-Public!
2. 7. 08

Recent Polish Migrants in London: Social networks, transience and settlement
8. 1. 08 | Louise Ryan, Rosemary Sales, Mary Tilki, Bernadetta Siara



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