Ginetta Sagan Award for Women's and Children's Rights

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  The purpose of the Ginetta Sagan Fund of Amnesty International USA is to recognize and assist women who are working to protect the liberty and lives of women and children in areas where human rights violations are widespread. The 2010 award will be given to a woman who works on behalf of the human rights of children .

  The Ginetta Sagan Fund recognizes individual accomplishment, but also serves as a beacon of hope to women everywhere who are fighting for human rights.

  The Award:

  • Recognizes outstanding achievement, often at great personal risk.
  • Enhances the recipient's ability to live and work freely, and protects the recipient's capacity to continue her work, by bringing a new level of international attention to her accomplishments and the obstacles she faces.
  • Brings increased international scrutiny to the crisis, region or issue for which the recipient works.

  Awardee Qualities:

  • Founder and/or Executive Director of an organization.
  • Under threat for her activism.
  • Proven effective at addressing human rights issues.
  • Has brought about significant change in her country, region, or issue through her work.
  • Not a political party leader or government official / employee.

  The creation of the Ginetta Sagan Fund emphasizes that more human rights work must be done by and for women. The $10,000 award is announced and presented each year at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of Amnesty International USA . The 2010 AGM will be held in New Orleans, Louisiana.

The $10,000 award can be used by the awardee at her complete discretion.



  For more than three decades, the late Ginetta Sagan , ( 1925-2000), recipient of the 1996 Presidential Medal of Freedom, fought for the lives and rights of prisoners of conscience throughout the world. A tireless crusader and eternal optimist, Ginetta and her passionate dedication inspired generations of human rights advocates. In honor of her humanitarian achievements, Amnesty International USA created the Ginetta Sagan Fund in 1994, one of AIUSA's first permanently endowed funds and the only fund that specifically addresses the needs of women and children. The Ginetta Sagan Fund ensures the continuation in perpetuity of Ginetta's human rights legacy and brings worldwide attention to the abuses perpetrated on women and children.

For further information or to download the nomination form, please visit:

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