Future of the Womens Movement

2004-11-19 16:38:08 / News read 2581 reading
The 2004 Network Women’s Programm Annual Meeting "Building the Future of the Women's Movement" took place in November 11-13 in Prague, with the hospitality of the Open Society Fund-Prague.

. It was an exciting and momentous meeting, the first all NWP network meeting in a new member state of the European Union. Among other issues, there was the opportunity to reflect on how the EU accession has affected the position and status of women in a larger Europe and beyond. It was also the first meeting since the new transformational strategy for Open Society Institute national women’s programs was announced by OSI President Aryeh Neier and NWP Sub-Board Chair Sonja Licht on July 23, 2003, which started a crucial transition from a network of women’s programs in the national foundations to a network of autonomous institutional partners working in close cooperation with the Soros network.This crucial structural change in the institutional make-up of the NWP network has helped to define the first set of goals for the Prague meeting:1) To reflect on changes that have happened at the national, regional and network levels;2) To identify what works and what does not work and to find solutions for further effective development;3) To provide individualized technical assistance and peer support to institutional partners and women’s programs;4) To learn experiences of transition from other programs and partners.Another set of goals for the meeting has been shaped by the significance of 2005 as a year of strategic impact for the global women’s movement: 2005 is the year of the 10th anniversary of the Beijing World Conference on Women, the 5th anniversary of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and the 10th Forum of the Association for Women’s Rights in Development (AWID). In line with NWP’s mission of “bringing the OSI ‘traditional’ region to the world” and connecting local, regional and global women’s movements, NWP invited key representatives of global and regional networks, including yourself, in order to: ensure that the “traditional” OSI region can make a difference at key 2005 fora and to identify connecting themes and issues between different regions; provide space for critical thinking on the future of the women’s movement in the new geo-political reality; share plans and develop ideas for strategic cooperation among regions and networks. The Prague meeting was conceived as a laboratory of ideas which means that relatively less time was devoted to reporting, and more to brainstorming, identifying problems, problem solving, envisioning and planning for the future.
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