The South Baltic - Violence Free Zone

News author: Małgorzata Żuk
2009-06-24 11:34:58 / News read 2848 reading

The first partners’ meeting was held in Sopot on 28th-29th May 2009 in the framework of the project “The South Baltic Domestic Violence against Women Free Zone”. The organizer of the meeting was the Network of East-West Women NEWW-Polska. The participants were the partners of NEWW in the project: Mona Olausson from the Women’s Shelter in Karlshamn, Sweden, Jurgita Cinskiene from Kretinga Womens' Information and Training Center, Lithuania and Ludmila Wasiliewa from Blagosemya Organization in Kaliningrad, Russia.


The meeting has initiated the project that will last until March 2011 and will be implemented in Gdansk (Poland), Karlshamn (Sweden), Kretynga (Lithuania) and Kalinigrad (Russia). Blagosemya from Kaliningrad as the associated organization – will fully participate in seminars and study-visits that will be carried out in the above cities and in the final conference in February 2011 in Gdansk. It will take part in preparing the report concerning domestic violence against women in the South Baltic Region. The partner’s meeting lasted two days. The participants got to know each other and had the opportunity to learn more about the situation of women victims of domestic violence in Poland, Sweden, Lithuania and Russia. During the meeting the partners agreed the content of the report about domestic violence against women in the South Baltic Region that will be prepared by the partners in their mother tongues and then translated into English and published in summer 2010. The participants established the dates of the individual seminars and study-visits in: Gdansk (Poland) 16th-17th September 2009 – the main subject: methods of dealing with perpetrators that will help to stop further acts of the violence, Kretinga (Lithuania) 01st-02nd December 2009 – the main subject: building the network of the intuitions and non-governmental organizations that act in the field of the domestic violence and Karlshamn (Sweden) February 2010, the main subject: the function of the family dysfunctional families where domestic violence against women exists and its influence on the children and another members of the family. During the meeting the date of the final conference in Gdansk was established – February 2011. At the conference the agreement between the local governments from the South Baltic Region concerning combating domestic violence against women will be signed.

The participants discussed the social campaign that will be held in the period October and December 2010 in the three cities: Gdansk, Karlshamn and Kretynga. During the campaign the social advertisement will be broadcast about domestic violence against women, press conferences and the meetings with the local politicians will be held. Next partner’s meeting will be held in September 2009 in Gdansk.

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Tytuł informacji: The South Baltic - Violence Free Zone
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