Professor Ann Snitow: Summer Course in Gender Studies & Feminist Theory,

Ann Snitow in Krakow.

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The eighteenth Democracy & Diversity Summer Institute, organized by the Transregional Center for Democratic Studies (TCDS) of The New School for Social Research, will take place in Wrocław, Poland, from July 9–26, 2009. TCDS will welcome forty junior scholars from the US, Europe, and other parts of the world for this intensive three-week program of study in society, culture and politics.


Gender Stable & Unstable: Case Studies in the Changing Meaning of Gender:

The equality-difference debates that are so central to feminist thought often turn on questions of fixed or unfixed identity. The politics of equality can make differences (for example, of gender or race) invisible while a politics that emphasizes difference can obscure important similarities, a dynamic that has played out in divergent ways and with very varied political effects. This course will survey a number of cases of what legal theorist Martha Minow has called “the dilemma of difference.”


All politics configures an imagined constituency - but how? Examples will include: post-1989 East and Central Europe, where gender has been hactively, aggressively renegotiated by a number of different actors; queer theory and debates about transsexual identity, in which some have claimed the right to fix a new identity as an essential freedom; legal discourses, past and present, in which states, international bodies (the United Nations, the European Unionor the World Bank), and social movements have all struggled to define what a progressive position on the meaning of gender would be and have often disagreed about how to shape a just and liberating gender-sensitive politics.


We will look at a range of answers to the question of just how flexible and changeable gender is - or should be. Theoretical and practical discussions of gender stability and instability are rich, varied, agnostic, and suggestive for anyone interested in social change.  



How to Apply

Applications are available on the TCDS Web site at Please note that applications need to include CV or resume, application essay and a copy of your academic transcript (New School students only). Non-New School applicants also need to include one letter of recommendation. For those non-New School applicants whose native language is not English TOEFL or other evidence of substantial English language skills are required.

All application materials can be submitted


via e-mail.


For further information, contact TCDS by phone at (1) 212 229-5580 ext. 3137, by e-mail, or see our website at


The DEADLINE for applications is MARCH 23, 2009



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