More than Three Hundred Legal Abortions in Poland

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On the Internet website of the Sejm (the Lower Chamber of the Polish parliament) a report was posted that discusses the implementation of the Family Planning  Act for the year 2007.

(Publication no 1607 of 13 January 2009:


In the review of the report by PAP (the Polish Press Agency), published in the Rzeczpospolita Daily, we read the following:

According to a government report on the implementation of the Family Planning Act for the year 2007, in that year ( 2007) more than 300 abortions have been recorded, the majority of which were performed after an ante-natal examination, which indicated a possibility of foetus  impairment.


The report was posted on the Internet website of the Sejm.


It claims that last year there were 322 recorded legal abortions; 37 of them were performed due to a risk to the health of the mother, in 282 cases  an ante-natal examination indicated a high risk of foetus impairment . In three cases the pregnancy was terminated because it resulted from a criminal offence.


The Family Planning, Human Foetus Protection and Pregnancy Termination Act of 1993, allows for pregnancy termination in three cases: when pregnancy poses risk to the mother’s health, when there is a high risk of foetal impairment or when the pregnancy is the result of a criminal offence.

At the same time nongovernmental organizations estimate that every year tens of thousands of terminations are performed illegally.


The government report also deals with ante-natal care. In 2007 there were nearly 22 thousand cases that required genetic assessments; more than 5 thousand invasive ante-natal examinations were performed which resulted in 550 diagnoses of foetal pathology. Such examinations are performed on instruction of a gynaecologist, if there is a suspected risk of genetic or birth defect affecting the foetus or the risk of an incurable disease which threatens the survival of the foetus.


713 newborns were abandoned in hospitals – the reasons for abandonment were unknown. The lowest numbers of abandoned newborns was recorded in the provinces Podkarpacie and Podlasie; the highest in Mazowsze and Dolny Śląsk.


In 2007 there were 2 322 registered deaths of children under 1 year of age. There were nearly 388 thousand live births, which indicates an increase of almost 14 thousand as compared with figures for 2006. It is however only a half (46%) of the figure for 1983 which was the peak year of the last demographic boom (724 thousand of live births).

translation: Monika Sarnowska


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Tytuł informacji: More than Three Hundred Legal Abortions in Poland
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