Women Organizations Slam in-vitro Legislation

Source of news: Polskie Radio dla Zagranicy
2009-01-28 22:29:25 / News read 1984 reading

Women’s pro-choice organizations have demonstrated in front of the Parliament building in Warsaw protesting against in-vitro legislation now being drafted in Poland. The picketers said the law protects embryos rather than women. They carried banners saying “We want medicine, not ideology”, and “Politicians go home, women to politics”. Wanda Nowicka from the Federation for Women and Family Planning criticizes the planned legislation for its restrictive character.
“The ban on freezing embryos, the only effective method, is an absolute scandal”, she said.
The women’s organizations argue that this ban will force women to endure the painful embryo taking procedure more often. They also criticize the ban on pre-implantation diagnostics reducing the chances of miscarriage and serious deformations of the fetus.  MP Jaroslaw Gowin from the ruling Civic Platform, who is drafting the law, rejects these accusations, saying his proposals represent a genuine compromise. I want simply to save thousands of human beings annually, he says.

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Tytuł informacji: Women Organizations Slam in-vitro Legislation
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